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Friday, March 27, 2015

More on Kirkpatrick names!

Posted by Dawn-Ann on December 11, 2010

Again from Records of the Closeburn Kirkpatricks by Charles Kirkpatrick,  this fun little tid-bit:

“Amongst the Kirkpatricks, from earliest times, ‘Roger’ and ‘Ivone’ were favourite and common names. In our family there were only two ‘Johns’; one lost amidst the mists of the past, though figuring in the Ragman’s Roll.

“In later generations, few of the eldest sons escaped being called ‘Thomas’, thereby causing confusion amongst their descendants when trying to distinguish them.

“These ancestors of ours not only married two or three times, but in those days of large families, there were often two of a name, where one child having died, the parents christened a later arrival with the same name.

“In Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe’s family, there were two Isabellas, one John William and one William John!

“He has pointed out that a ‘nephew’ was frequently alluded to as a ‘grandson.’

“All these complications seem designed to tease antiquarians.”


2 Responses to “More on Kirkpatrick names!”
  1. Robyn says:

    Hi Dawn;

    I am a Kirkpatrick ancestor of the closeburn Kirkpatricks, Dumfriesshire residing in Australia. Dawn, I would like to make contact with you if possible, could you kindly send me an email to so that we can discuss some of your findings. Also, it would be great to place you in contact with some of our family members who are travelling over your way in June. Thanks again dawn, Cheers Robyn.

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    Nice to meet you, Roby! Coincidentally, I am just now getting back into my research after a lengthy struggle with some real-life goings on. I just sent you an email – yes, let’s chat! :)

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