Leash training fun and games…

So, in an effort to keep my cats healthy and happy I have been trying to leash train them so we can go out for walks.

Okay, we’re out here. Now what?

With mixed results.

Little boy cat (the black one) loves to go out and has taken to the leash because he knows it means he can get out of the van.

Little girl cat (the calico) – not so much! Once I have more or less forced her into her harness and wrangled her outside she rather enjoys herself. But most days she’d rather just stay inside the van, looking on as her brother and I go for walks.

We have experimented with several different types of leashes and I think I’ve finally landed on a simple one that works for them both.

The calm before the street sweeper…

There is always the fear that one or both may escape the leash and that has happened a couple of times. Most times they freeze once they’ve gained freedom because they are not sure where to go next. This makes catching them easy! But other times…

The other day I had just taken Moonlight (my black boy) out so the twins could walk him, when a street sweeper chose that exact time to come barrelling loudly down the street. Moonlight was terrified and struggled until he’d freed himself from the harness, then ran off. Yikes! Luckily, I was able to entice him into my arms and put him safely back in the van.

So, in a way I’m torn. Do I get them outside for walks to keep them interested? Or do I just keep them where they are safe, in the van? They do seem content, for the most part, watching birds and people go by. I guess we’ll figure it out.

Would love to hear others’ stories!

My boy near Hanna, Alberta, Canada

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