Consciousness and love and patience…

“Vulnerability is having the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome.” BrenĂ© Brown

Let your light shine

I notice I am so changed this visit over last. I am full of love and compassion, even to the dogs. I used to fear and despise dogs as messy, drooly, stupid creatures; now I see the spirit that shines through their eyes.

With some people I used to be impatient with, I am now much more patient. I credit this to the meditation and consciousness work I have been doing. Even though I am far from consistent with it, my awareness has changed dramatically.

We are dealing with an aging 90+ mother-in-law who has dementia and can be quite difficult at times. I try to “meet her where she is” and listen to her stories, no matter how rambling and senseless they may seem to be. I believe she deserves to be heard, even now.

Especially now.

Anyhoo, the quote speaks to how I showed up here in Calgary with no demands or expectations. I came here to catch up on some business matters that I need to be here for, but also to help Tom with all the stressors his days provide. He has a full house of people and animals and the above-mentioned mama; if I can help lighten the load somewhat I will be content.

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I grew up in British Columbia but now reside in Calgary. Nature lover, thinker, CE-5'er and far-seer. Devoted gramma to adorable twin grandchildren. My life just keeps getting richer and better all the time!
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