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Camping at Michichi with my fambly

Greetings! I am a 50-something Canadian gal who lives in and runs a business from New Westminster.

I grew up in northern BC, tramping through the bush and communing with birds and trees. I do miss the quiet and solitude of that kind of life but for now I am where I need to be. Work helps pay for my adventures and I love having my grandchildren close!

Even so, I am a Nature Girl still. You can take the girl out of the country, but, well… you know.

My education is in computers and I have worked on contract with some of Canada’s major oil and gas companies in their web departments, but now I am at home, working on manuals at New Dawn Manuals Ltd.

One of my main hobbies is researching data on a particular ancient civilization (more to come on that in the Archaeology section). Another is researching my family tree, particularly the Kirkpatrick and Bowe parts of it. And lately I have grown extremely interested in the SIRIUS Disclosure Project. (One day I’ll write about my own UFO experience.)

I love to travel, explore, and examine alternative points of view. So, this blog will be all about these interests and friends and family and good times.

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10 Responses to About Me

  1. Michael Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Dawn – Thanks for all the work you have done on the Kirkpatricks! Please keep it up. Best wishes, Michael Kirkpatrick

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    It’s my pleasure, Michael. It’s like an addiction now, though! :)

  3. Jim Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Dawn. I see the first of 4 letters from Great Uncle Sam, which I really enjoyed as I haven’t read it for many years. Are the other 3 letters also available somewhere on your site?
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Jim! Thanks for writing. I am glad you enjoyed the letters. I don’t think I have all of Great Uncle Sam’s letters online yet, but one day I will have to get around to that. Would you like me to email some them to you? I think I have all of them scanned somewhere!

  5. Bonnie Kirkpatrick says:

    The uncle that was born in Canada was Gerald Kirkpatrick he married Ruth Kirkpatrick. Ruth was her middle name. I was told that Hugh father was John born in 1740. Immigrated to the colonies in the 1750s. If you could help me.I will be appreciate.Some people cant understand why I am interest in this subject. One reason I think it interesting and I want to know where I came from

  6. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Thanks for writing, Bonnie. I do have a few Hugh Kirkpatricks in my database but none of the match yours, unfortunately. I’m from Western Canada and I know there is another “branch” in Eastern Canada and that may be where your Kirks come from. I wish you all the best in your search!

  7. Glen Edwards says:

    Working on research for a friend who is the grand daughter of Mabel BELLEAU, born in 1923, in Alkali Lake. Her 2nd Great Grandfather would be Napolean Japha BELLEAU. Is there a possiblity the this could lead back to Caroline (Quilinick) PASHA. Has DNA ever been used in any research in Alkali Lake.

    Glen Edwards
    Calgary, AB, Canada

  8. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Glen. That branch has been a puzzle to me because there is so little information (that I’ve been able to find, anyway). As far as I know, there has been no DNA testing specifically for it. I have seen the name Belleau attached to Quilinick and I’ve sometimes wondered if Charlene Belleau, once Chief of Esk’et (Alkali Lake), is related because of her surname. I am definitely intrigued and would love to share information with you on this if you like.

  9. Doug says:

    Hi Dawn, have you heard story of the small pox epidemic around 1862 and another one later in the Alkali Ranch area.

  10. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi cousin Doug! I have heard the story of one where someone (I think it was gr-gr-grandpa Thomas G.) found a lone live baby in a village and adopted him for his own. I don’t recall hearing about a later one at Alkali Lake Ranch. Will have to do a little digging on both of those stories so I can share in the family newsletter! :)

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