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Camping at Michichi with my fambly

Welcome! I am a Canadian gramma who lives a mobile life, mostly between Nanaimo and Calgary, where my husband and I run a business.

I grew up in northern BC, tramping through the bush and communing with birds and trees. I do miss the quiet and solitude of that kind of life but for now I am where I need to be. Work helps pay for my adventures!

But I am a Nature Girl still. You can take the girl out of the country, but, well… you know. Thankfully, Canada has lots of beautiful vistas to enjoy and gentle Vancouver Island breezes sooth my spirit when I need it.

My education is in computers and I have worked on contract with some of Canada’s major oil and gas companies in their web departments, but now I am working on manuals at New Dawn Manuals Ltd.

One of my main hobbies is researching data on a particular ancient civilization (more to come on that in the Archaeology section). Another is researching my family tree, particularly the Kirkpatrick and Bowe branches. And lately I have grown extremely interested in the SIRIUS Disclosure Project. One day I’ll write about my own UFO experience. I have completed two weeks’ training with Dr. Steven Greer to become a CE-5 ambassador and have started up a group in Nanaimo. Contact me if you would like to know more about this.

I love to travel, explore, and examine alternative points of view. So, this blog will be all about these interests, friends and family, and good times.

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13 Responses to About Me

  1. Michael Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Dawn – Thanks for all the work you have done on the Kirkpatricks! Please keep it up. Best wishes, Michael Kirkpatrick

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    It’s my pleasure, Michael. It’s like an addiction now, though! :)

  3. Jim Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Dawn. I see the first of 4 letters from Great Uncle Sam, which I really enjoyed as I haven’t read it for many years. Are the other 3 letters also available somewhere on your site?
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Jim! Thanks for writing. I am glad you enjoyed the letters. I don’t think I have all of Great Uncle Sam’s letters online yet, but one day I will have to get around to that. Would you like me to email some them to you? I think I have all of them scanned somewhere!

  5. Bonnie Kirkpatrick says:

    The uncle that was born in Canada was Gerald Kirkpatrick he married Ruth Kirkpatrick. Ruth was her middle name. I was told that Hugh father was John born in 1740. Immigrated to the colonies in the 1750s. If you could help me.I will be appreciate.Some people cant understand why I am interest in this subject. One reason I think it interesting and I want to know where I came from

  6. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Thanks for writing, Bonnie. I do have a few Hugh Kirkpatricks in my database but none of the match yours, unfortunately. I’m from Western Canada and I know there is another “branch” in Eastern Canada and that may be where your Kirks come from. I wish you all the best in your search!

  7. Glen Edwards says:

    Working on research for a friend who is the grand daughter of Mabel BELLEAU, born in 1923, in Alkali Lake. Her 2nd Great Grandfather would be Napolean Japha BELLEAU. Is there a possiblity the this could lead back to Caroline (Quilinick) PASHA. Has DNA ever been used in any research in Alkali Lake.

    Glen Edwards
    Calgary, AB, Canada

  8. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Glen. That branch has been a puzzle to me because there is so little information (that I’ve been able to find, anyway). As far as I know, there has been no DNA testing specifically for it. I have seen the name Belleau attached to Quilinick and I’ve sometimes wondered if Charlene Belleau, once Chief of Esk’et (Alkali Lake), is related because of her surname. I am definitely intrigued and would love to share information with you on this if you like.

  9. Doug says:

    Hi Dawn, have you heard story of the small pox epidemic around 1862 and another one later in the Alkali Ranch area.

  10. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi cousin Doug! I have heard the story of one where someone (I think it was gr-gr-grandpa Thomas G.) found a lone live baby in a village and adopted him for his own. I don’t recall hearing about a later one at Alkali Lake Ranch. Will have to do a little digging on both of those stories so I can share in the family newsletter! :)

  11. Tammy says:

    Hello Dawn! Emma Bowe was sister to my great-great grandfather, John. I’ve been slowly piecing together family history over the last few years, and am so thankful and grateful that your blog exists! Your stories, travel, and passion for history are truly inspiring :) I visited Heligoland, a port that Herman Otto likely sailed from, and am starting to make the links back to the Kirkpatricks from John’s marriage to Ida Isabella:

    Herman Otto also adopted a child who was orphaned by the epidemic:

    Is it possible to be on your mailing list for your family newsletter?

    Thank you again for all that you do!

  12. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Tammy! So nice to hear from you. I am not home right now but will email you when I get back. Looks like can share some information! :)

  13. Dysoneiw says:

    Since the era of Charlemagne

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