Van Life Update #5 – Diminishing Footprint, Expanding Vistas

My dozing boy. The cats know to go to the back when we are moving, but when we’re stopped they love to sit on the dashboard. :)

It’s been over a month since I moved out of my apartment and into my van. There have been some challenges but I am slowly getting things figured out.

Some things I love are being in Nature more, waking up to new scenes in the morning, more solitude, not being stuck in one place.

Some challenges I’ve faced? Not a lot of room (I’ve downsized even more since I moved in!). Keeping my electronic devices charged. Figuring out how much data I am using and how much I will need for a month. Trying to find the next place to sleep, go to the bathroom (I have a bucket for nighttime emergencies), shower… But so far all has worked out just fine.

I have found that spending my days working and walking at Rathtrevor Beach are pretty sweet. And that I’m not the only one sleeping overnight in the rest area; one motorhome, one small car and my van dozed calmly as cars whizzed by the other night.

I’m getting better at sleeping peacefully at night. I’m developing routines and methods of keeping things clean and organized. I’ve learned that cats are content in smaller spaces as long as they have food, some daily loving, and a warm place to sleep.

And I am saving a TON of money. Yes, I use more gasoline, a few more paper towels, and lots more Lysol citrus scented wipes, but overall my footprint is MUCH smaller than it’s ever been.

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I grew up in British Columbia but now reside in Calgary. Nature lover, thinker, CE-5'er and far-seer. Devoted gramma to adorable twin grandchildren. My life just keeps getting richer and better all the time!
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