Van Life #4 – Update & working remotely from the road

‚ÄčI am in Calgary now.

The cats are adjusting well and seem content. They’ve made a little cubbyhole for themselves under the bed for if they need to get away but often they’ll sit up top, checking out the scenery. I stop regularly to just sit with them for awhile, give them a little loving, and replenish the food/water.

Doing payroll from somewhere on the road. I use LogMeIn to gain remote access to my Calgary computer.

There is lots to do here in Calgary. Years of tax documents to shred and I have a lot of folks I need to catch up with. (Calgary peeps, you’ll be hearing from me soon!) We have a house-full right now; Tom’s mom is living here, as is one of his daughters and her daughter. But it’s fun getting all the updates and, as usual, Tom’s cooking does not disappoint.

I did payroll from the road and I have to share how wonderful it is to have a cellular modem for travel. It’s a wee black box that fits in the palm of my hand and it gives me Internet access wherever I have a cell signal. That means I can work almost anywhere because you can usually find a cell tower somewhere nearby, even in the mountains or up in the Yukon!

I will be here for two or three weeks. The cats and I are sleeping snug in the garage in the van.

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I grew up in British Columbia but now reside in Calgary. Nature lover, thinker, CE-5'er and far-seer. Devoted gramma to adorable twin grandchildren. My life just keeps getting richer and better all the time!
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