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Vintage film of Alkali Lake in 1946

I’ve written about Alkali Lake a few times. It is where Herman Otto Bowe settled and where the wild football game great uncle Sam wrote about took place. So, imagine my surprise and joy when cousin Bernice posted this amazing video on Facebook. Many of these people could be family … [read]

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Digging into the past again after quite some time!

Ghosts of distant past Whisper through the years to me “Please tell our story.”

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Wallace’s House

Going through all the family history material I have amassed over the years, I find treasure now and then. This has to do with Wallace’s House, which is, I believe, sometimes confused as “Watties Neach” in Kirkpatrick history. In an 1869 publication called The Bruce and Wallace, I found this … [read]

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Skull wearing glasses, Part II

If you’ve been reading my blog, you may recall an entry I wrote about a carving of a skull I found in a Kirkpatrick mausoleum. The skull appeared to be wearing glasses. I searched and searched online and could find nothing about any other such carvings and thought it was … [read]

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The Trail of the Covered Wagon

I’m probably spending too much time on genealogy stuff and not enough time on other things I could be doing. It’s how I relax, though, and the “other stuff” will wait until tomorrow. Stumbled upon this story at the JPKirkpatrick site. It’s a recounting of how some folks set out … [read]

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A mystery – what does it mean, this skull wearing glasses?

When I was in Scotland I found an old mausoleum that had some carvings around the inside wall. One of them was of a skull that seemed to be wearing glasses. I have searched the ‘Net and can’t seem to find an explanation – does anyone know anything about this … [read]

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Was King Arthur really a Scot?

I am reading a fascinating book called Realm of the Ring Lords, which looks at ancient legends to see if there may have been some basis in fact to them. It goes into a lot of cool things like dragon queens and ring lords and their possible foundations in ancient … [read]

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