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Dastardly Kirkpatricks

Most of the Kirkpatricks I have researched so far were respected, hard-working, family-oriented people who had a sense of humor and a sense of adventure. They were explorers and trail blazers. They were pillars of their communities. I haven’t heard of too many “bad” Kirkpatricks, but there is the occasional … [read]

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An ancestor mentioned on a TV program

Thanks to my husband for finding this one for me! A television program called Line of Fire has an episode named The Battle of Bannockburn. In a brief few seconds we see the story of one of our Kirkpatrick ancestors’ most famous hours. Click here to view. Watch from about … [read]

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Vintage film of Alkali Lake in 1946

I’ve written about Alkali Lake a few times. It is where Herman Otto Bowe settled and where the wild football game great uncle Sam wrote about took place. So, imagine my surprise and joy when cousin Bernice posted this amazing video on Facebook. Many of these people could be family … [read]

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Convoluted family links

The more research I do, the more confused I get about our family history. For instance, I am trying to make the leap “across the pond” from our American Kirkpatrick immigrants to specific families in Scotland. Not going so well. The Alexanders and the Georges and the Jameses I am … [read]

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Emma (Bowe) Kirkpatrick

My great grandmother Emma’s marriage to James Douglas Kirkpatrick was the point where the Kirkpatrick line first merged with the Bowe line, back in the day. Great grandma was quite the extraordinary woman. Born 8 March 1872, Emma was the daughter of Herman Otto Bowe, a German, and Quilinick “Caroline” … [read]

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A Kirkpatrick / Hunter connection

I was digging through my gravestone images looking for a particular one for a distant cousin. She has a Kirkpatrick in her tree that married a Hunter and she was wondering if I had anything I could share. Turns out I don’t (yet) but I thought I’d share this headstone … [read]

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Digging into the past again after quite some time!

Ghosts of distant past Whisper through the years to me “Please tell our story.”

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Silent, sad stories

When we were in Scotland I took a lot of pictures of cemetery headstones, especially in Closeburn and Dumfries. Most of the images I got were of Kirkpatrick family members’ stones, but occasionally I found ones that stirred my imagination. Some even moved me to tears, such as this poignant … [read]

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Who knew we had our own Kirkpatrick Fanfare?

I was browsing Youtube when I came across this sprightly piece and I just had to share. If you listen carefully, you can make out a hint of the “Danny Boy” melody here and there. The song was written by Andrew Boysen and has been used for Kirkpatrick special events … [read]

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More on Kirkpatrick names!

Again from Records of the Closeburn Kirkpatricks by Charles Kirkpatrick,  this fun little tid-bit: “Amongst the Kirkpatricks, from earliest times, ‘Roger’ and ‘Ivone’ were favourite and common names. In our family there were only two ‘Johns’; one lost amidst the mists of the past, though figuring in the Ragman’s Roll. … [read]

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