Developing intuition (and communication with animals?)

This one is kinda on the “woo” side, but anyway…

I think my intuition is improving. I’ve been asking for help in that regard and, like several of my woo friends, I feel like I’m getting that help. Here are three examples:

1) Today Tom and I were watching Antiques Roadshow and they were appraising a piece of furniture. The number 12,000 popped into my head just seconds before the appraiser gave that number. I know absolutely nothing about antique furniture and there is no reason why I should have known that.

2) Another example is a recent experience in a pet store. I had gone in to get cat litter and stopped to look at some of the wee creatures. I was zoned out watching the little gerbils and hamsters when suddenly I became aware of awareness. I felt a mental “tug” that felt very much like the experience I had in McDonalds one day.

I turned toward the tug and there was a wee black hamster looking me dead in the eye. I sent the thought, “You see me, don’t you?” He stood up on his hind legs and stared at me and I could feel a definite connection. I whispered, “I see you, too.” Then he came straight over to the barrier between us and stood again on his hind legs, looking for all the world like he was reaching out to me. I thought, “I’d love to take you home but I have two cats…”

3) The third thing happened today, and it is also in the vein of communicating with animals. We have a raucous family of magpies in the neighbourhood and I love watching the mama teaching her babies how to find food. But I’ve been worried this mama would fear me; I had shooed her away from the birdhouses a couple of times for going after the wee sparrow babies.

Anyhoo, I watched the little family out under the suet feeder and thought I’d give them some stale bread. I took some outside and walked carefully toward them. To my surprise they did not flee but sat on the fence watching me. I sent out the mental thought that they needn’t fear me; that I was bringing them food. All four magpies watched from the fence as I tore up the bread and threw it on the ground.

I went back into the house and watched at the window as they tore up the bread and had a good snack.

As an aside, magpies are part of the corvidae family which is the same family as crows. Crows teach their babies to recognize friendly faces and apparently will remember for generations who is friend and who is foe. Maybe magpies do, too?

Nature is so amazing!

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