Who knew we had our own Kirkpatrick Fanfare?

I was browsing Youtube when I came across this sprightly piece and I just had to share. If you listen carefully, you can make out a hint of the “Danny Boy” melody here and there. The song was written by Andrew Boysen and has been used for Kirkpatrick special events from time to time. Maybe I’ll have to share it at the next family reunion!

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2 Responses to Who knew we had our own Kirkpatrick Fanfare?

  1. Harold Edington says:

    Hello Dawn-Ann,

    I remember hearing this some years ago and remembered the reference…


    Kirkpatrick Fanfare was commissioned by Central Missouri State University for the dedication of the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. The premiere took place at the dedication ceremony held March 24, 1999, and the piece was conducted by Patrick F. Casey. It was an event of considerable pride for CMSU; the keynote speaker was then Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan.

    James C. Kirkpatrick had been Missouri’s secretary of state for twenty years. Then CMSU conductor Patrick Casey described Kirkpatrick as “famously ‘Irish’ with his humor and attire.” Boysen had been made aware that Kirkpatrick was very proud of his Irish heritage, hence the resulting Irish flavor of the music.

  2. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Wow! That’s great info. Thanks Harold. I am always tickled when I hear of this or that monument dedicated to a Kirkpatrick relative. We are making our mark on the world. :)

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