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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A couple of degrees of separation – or something

Posted by Dawn-Ann on December 31, 2008

I have a new Twitter acquaintance. His name is Wil. He is sooo cute and brilliant and nerdy and – most important to this gal – he is funny and can write. Like a hot damn. In fact, his clever, witty writing style had me hooked from the word go. Why, if he weren’t happily married and I were twenty years younger and not in a happy, committed relationship myself (I love you, Honey!) and not in Canada with him in California I’d be, well – you figure it out… Or at least I’d be setting him up with a nerdy daughter or something.

Anyway, his blog is well worth checking out. It will surprise you in more ways than one!


2 Responses to “A couple of degrees of separation – or something”
  1. Maris says:

    Oh. My. God. Is that Wesley? From ST:TNG? Is it wrong that I was once a member of a Usenet group called Wesley.Crusher.Die.Die.Die? He is an entertaining writer, though. Guess you’d have to be if your primary fan base wanted to see you flattened like a wee little pancake during the height of your fame.

    Just IMDB’d him and it is – they mention his books and everything. Check it out here:

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    You got it, Maris. He is sooo smart and you’re right – he is a great writer! :)

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