Working remotely: why you need a virtual private network (VPN)

The find-an-apartment and move date will be in July. By then I will have finished up most other commitments and will have much more time and freedom.

Don't bother me; I'm busy!

Don’t bother me. I’m still working on my first cup of coffee.

In the meantime, I am scheming and preparing, including gathering things together we’ll need. It’s fun buying towels and things for a new place. I figure if I do a little at a time, at each payday, I’ll have quite a little cache put together by the time I hit the road.

BUT, one of the most important discoveries to living and traveling remotely that I have found is this: a “virtual private network” tool, or VPN.

O. M. G. How did we live without this in the past? With it, I can access my home desktop computer and all its files and programs as if I were sitting right there in my office. I will be able to work from almost anywhere in the world that I have an Internet connection.


The one I chose is from and it is amazing. It is easy to use and seamless. The image of my home desktop, even from my laptop, is sharp and crystal clear (though small, laptop-monitor size). I can even toggle between my two home monitors.

I connected a decent-sized monitor to my laptop for when I am working remotely all day, but in a pinch it is perfectly readable for checking email or finding a file while on the road.

I would highly recommend this amazing tool if you plan to live and work away from the office.

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