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Friday, March 27, 2015

Video of my new grandchildren

Posted by Dawn-Ann on July 6, 2010

While my blog is mostly about genealogy and Kirkpatrick family research, it seems I’ve been digressing a lot lately. Anyhoo, I just had to share this priceless little video about my grandbabies.

Now, I realize I’m probably just being a typical grandmother and most folks out there are bored with video of babies, but indulge me, please? I proud and I’m happy – that’s reason enough for posting. :)

So now, without further ado, my twin grandbabies (who, by the way, are Kirkpatrick descendants)!


5 Responses to “Video of my new grandchildren”
  1. Lynnette says:

    As a FUTURE gramma I watched every moment of the video. They are so BEAUTIFUL!! Oh how you must be enjoying them. :-)

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    Oh man, Lynnette. I didn’t think I could love any babies the way I loved my own but these wee ones are sure special. When you say “future” gramma do you mean some distant future or within the year? ;)

  3. Lynnette says:

    I can’t wait to experience that kind of love, Dawn. :-)

    And no, nothing in the near future at this point. Taya will definitely have babies some day but she’s concentrating on school for now. Cor will have kids one day too but he’s just starting school and it will be quite a while before he’s ready.

  4. Mesmerizing… Beautiful Kirkpatrick Grand Babies! Oh Dawn-Ann, I love your G-Ma video. The cooing babies”Spark & Silas” true names? I LOVE their names. The rocking warm skinned G-pa and comforted G-baby bonding in a lifetime to remember. After having retired from Midwifery back in the middle 1980s I still get that joy of the one who did her best to sit back and capture the beauty of the new family communing together. No, not tired at all of Grandma’s doting on her babies. The sounds of you talking to them and they smiling back brought me beautiful memories of so many I’ve seen and heard including my own precious ones. Thank you for sharing.. beautiful ;^}}
    Redwoodgal (Patti Kirkpatrick)
    p.s. Got rid of FB!!!!!!! Come to my blog…. I’m living there now ~

  5. Dawn-Ann says:

    Patti! You’re a FB expat too now? Woo hoo! Thanks so much for your beautiful comments. I loved reading them. I’ll stop by your blog more often now that I know you’re there. XOXO

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