Van Life – Day 3

‚ÄčApril 22, 2019

Advantage to living in a van: Different scenery every morning.

Disadvantage to living in a van: Litterbox stink bombs seem much more potent.

Rainy day in Hope, BC

I find my waking hours have shifted a little bit. We go to bed earlier and we are up earlier in the morning – 4am this morning. I hear robins starting to sing outside.

I had the best sleep yet last night. I paid 30 bucks for a small tent site in Hope and had a really great hot shower. I tidied up the back of the van a little bit and made the bed up. Added an extra blanket, and crashed. It was so delicious and I was toasty warm all night.

And what’s better than waking up to being sandwiched between two heat-seeking kittens? I think we all kept each other warm.

Today we are going to drive part way to Calgary, but we will take our time.

Moody morning with Mystery in Hope, BC

I meant to start the cats on their leashes today but it was cold and rainy and I thought I would just put some miles behind us. I know Moonlight is really interested in going outside; Mystery doesn’t seem quite as much so but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.

Later: We landed in Revelstoke this afternoon. I picked up a little bit of food and fed the kittens, then I did a Google search for places we could boondock. Turns out Revelstoke is very motorhome friendly and there is a large rest area just on the northwest side of the bridge. There are transport trucks and motorhomes and vans all parked here. There are even a couple of little outhouses, so I don’t have to worry about peeing in a bucket tonight!

It’s the little things…

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