The Van Plan – Day 2

April 21, 2019

​​​This is day two of sleeping in my van.

Yesterday I did the walk-through of my apartment and we worked out how much of my damage deposit I’ll be getting back. I left all the cleaning to them because the cats and I were stressed, so I wound up paying for that but I think it was well worth the money.

Last night we found a nice quiet street to park on and I actually had a decent sleep. We are slowly learning.

Certain twins-o-me-heart turned nine today!

I have downsized a bit already and I think I’m going to be getting rid of the cooler. It takes up a lot of space and I’m not really using anything out of it. I think I can learn to enjoy eating things at room temperature. Sometimes I’ll have access to a picnic table and I can cook something on my little stove, but for the most part we’ll be roughing it.

I’d rather have more room than a cooler full of stuff that I rarely use.

I will be shedding stuff over the next few days as well. I’ll be leaving presents at the birthday party today, I’ll be dropping off my modems at Shaw, and I will be leaving some things at the house as well. So that will lighten the load.

Enjoying the view from the dash
(Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby)

The kittens are doing well on the second day. They are less shy, more interested in what’s going on around them as we drive down the street, and even little Mystery is feeling more lovable and is purring louder. She is getting bolder about coming out from under the bed and hanging out with me. So I think it’s going to be a much easier day for all of us today.

Today’s lesson will be doing payroll on the road.

I think tomorrow’s lesson will be how to bathe on the road.

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