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Let the children run free

When I was a girl I was often up and out the door after a quick breakfast. I played and explored outside all day and only came home to eat and use the washroom. I was called in at dinnertime and then was out again until the street lights came … [read]

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Maybe you were right all along

We all dream big dreams when we’re young, don’t we? Things are black and white and man, we’re going to change the world. But life often jades us. We get caught up in the day-to-day and lose our dreams along the way. We start to second-guess ourselves and wonder how … [read]

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Happy Father’s Day, Dedy!

I’m really lucky in that I get to see my Dedy fairly regularly, as he lives just a couple hours’ drive away. Occasionally he comes in for family gatherings and appointments and – even more occasionally – I go out to his town for Legion events and just to hang … [read]

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Facebook free, three days and counting

Well, I did it. I joined the Facebook protesters who are leaving in droves, peeved at the blatant disregard FB has for our privacy and security. It actually feels pretty good to be free! I agonized over it for awhile, don’t get me wrong. It was rather convenient to have … [read]

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Sick of the H1N1 hype?

If you’re like me, you’re getting seriously fed up with all the media hype about H1N1. I guess when the MJ hoopla died down they had to find something to rant about to sell papers. As more and more friends and family get (and get over) the flu, I’m noticing … [read]

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Blog analytics

It’s so interesting to analyze where my blog visitors are coming from and what they’re looking for. I recently had a look and here is how some people are finding my site: Kirkpatrick family research (definitely the number one hit-maker!) Facebook profile Links from my email signature line Searching for … [read]

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It was a gorgeous, blue-sky morning and I stopped at A&W for a bacon and egger before heading up to the garage sale. I hit every green light along the way and took it as a good omen. ¬†Although my sister B.J. has been so ill, my heart was light … [read]

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It’s official: multitasking will muddle your brain

Here’s some more on the multitasking front, proving that once again, I’m right. (When will you people LEARN?) This new article talks about tests someone did on students who multitask the most and those who multitask the least. In every test, students who spent less time simultaneously reading e-mail, surfing … [read]

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Dion’s first impressions of Google’s Wave

Google’s new Wave, coming soon, has had me intrigued from the first time I saw the video. I plan to be one of the first in line to try it out and just can’t wait for the day. So I was gratified to read Dion Hinchcliffe’s article on his first … [read]

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Wee homes leave a smaller footprint

Tiny homes have long intrigued me ever since my best friend Wendy and I planned to buy a camper and make like gypsies. We were very young, with dreams of travelling adventures and far horizons. Even now I think about downsizing sometimes just for simplicity’s sake. So, naturally, I was … [read]

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