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Free energy

A friend of mine wrote an interesting blog post about an exciting new technological trend of the future – electricity.  Free (or nearly free) electricity, that is.  I’ve read and thought about the endless possibilities before, but today I realized that not everyone has awakened to this concept.  So let … [read]

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Adding to your soil

So, besides compost, what can you do to add nutrients to your soil without using toxic commercial fertilizers?  I started thinking about this when my very first crop of zucchinis started rotting on the tips.  I looked it up on the Internet and learned that “blossom end rot” was caused … [read]

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Fall harvest

Apparently, the whole three weeks we were in Scotland, not a drop of rain fell on our garden. As a result, it was in pretty sad shape when we returned – especially the poor tomatoes. Still, when I went out yesterday to start bringing it in, I was tickled with … [read]

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The Vertical Farm

Now here’s a nifty idea!  If you don’t have ground area to spread your garden out on, why not build it UP?  The Vertical Farm proposes just that.  And for those of us who are “urban” farmers, I’m sure we could modify the idea to suit our back yards.  I’m … [read]

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Urban Homesteading

First of all, have a look at this video to see the source of my inspiration: I have decided to start working toward building an “Urban Homestead” right here in Calgary. I couldn’t find a lot about such development in Canada, so I may be a pioneer in this. Following … [read]

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