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New me, new language

I am trying to think of new adjectives to describe myself these days. I used to use younger-sounding ones like “nerd girl” and “explorer chick,” or maternal-sounding ones like “da mama.” But in this time of redefining myself I realize I need to come up with updated words to define … [read]

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New adventures – let the fun begin!

My husband and I have long argued back and forth about selling the house and retiring somewhere a little warmer and less expensive. We currently live in Calgary and, being a country girl, it is really starting to wear on my psyche. My vote was to sell and move to … [read]

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Thoughts on motherhood

Does anyone ever stop worrying about their kids, or am I an anomaly? Seriously. I worry about them all, even though they range in age from 26 to 38. And I have now acquired grandchildren and a son-in-law to worry about, too! Oh, I know. I should leave them to … [read]

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Let’s get this party started

I’ve been non-blogging lately – not because I have nothing to write about. I have had some adventures and a family reunion or two, but I’ve been very busy with volunteer work and life and… stuff. But now I want to come back to my little blog and start nurturing … [read]

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Lean into it

“Lean into it. It means the outcome doesn’t matter. What matters is that you were there for it. Whatever it is. Good or bad.” ~ Quote from the movie People Like Us. This is one of my newest mottos. Lean into it. To me it means more than just I … [read]

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Knocking down preconceived notions

I’m training myself to ask questions that buck the norm. To see the world from a different perspective. To challenge my current ways of viewing things. For instance, What if there really is no God and we are actually part of someone’s dream? A bad dream, at that. What if … [read]

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New beginnings… er…

Okay. Well, that title sounds a little cliche but I don’t know how to say it better. I’ve been away for awhile doing other things. But now I am coming close to finishing up some big projects and my calendar is finally starting to clear a bit and I’m thinking, … [read]

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A new year, a new life

I am so lucky that Tom and I can work from home. It gives me a lot of extra time to figure out other things! One of the “other things” I am working on is charting an education course for myself. This education will be free (or really cheap) and … [read]

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Super senior: 91-year-old track star

It’s been awhile since I posted to my blog! With the recent passing of my stepfather, I have been super busy wrapping up my mother’s affairs in Montana, packing her up, and moving her to Calgary. My sister and I have been running around taking care of getting her Canadian … [read]

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Embrace what is

After a long, warm fall, winter has blind-sided us full blast. The wind is cold, the snow is falling and the temperatures are low. They say we should be preparing ourselves for a winter as we remember from childhood – endless snow drifts and endless cold. Bah. Round about the … [read]

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