Silent, sad stories

In memory of…

When we were in Scotland I took a lot of pictures of cemetery headstones, especially in Closeburn and Dumfries.

Most of the images I got were of Kirkpatrick family members’ stones, but occasionally I found ones that stirred my imagination. Some even moved me to tears, such as this poignant story.

You can’t read it all, but here is what it says:

In Memory of
Bridget, wife of Thomas Wilkin,
Surgeon, who died on the 12th December 1840
aged 40 years
Also Robert their son, who died
21st February 1831 aged 1 year and 4 months
Also James Pennington their son,
who died 24th October 1839 aged 1 year
Also Mary their daughter, who died
1st February 1833 aged 9 days
Also Catherine Mary their daughter, who died
at Kendal 20th July 1854 aged 20 years
And Amy their eldest daughter,
wife of Henry F. Bainbridge,
who died in Liverpool 27th September 1871
aged 46 years
Also the above Thomas Wilkin,
who died in Suffolk 16th February 1873
aged 72 years

“Looking unto Jesus”

Imagine the heartache this family must have endured…

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3 Responses to Silent, sad stories

  1. Garry Kirkpatrick says:

    My dad’s name is Jack Kirkpatrick of Ashcroft. Are we related. My grandfather lived in Stewart.

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Garry! I think we probably are related, as all my family came from that area. I am visiting my daughter in the Yukon right now but as soon as I get settled in my room tonight I will have a look at my database and see if I can figure out how we’re related. Do you know Mae in Ashcroft?

  3. Carol says:

    How sad. So many deaths in a short span of time. Thanks for your post!


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