Sandy Kirkpatrick’s pictures, Part III

And today I will post the last two pictures Sandy sent me that he took while in Scotland recently. They’re gorgeous images and I just had to share. Thanks again, Sandy!

Sandy says: Closeburn Castle is back in Kirkpatrick hands after 300+ years. Needs some work!

Sandy says this plaque is on the main square of Dumfries, opposite the statue of Robert Burns. Notice that the wording is almost identical to the mural I posted yesterday.

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4 Responses to Sandy Kirkpatrick’s pictures, Part III

  1. Doug Wood says:

    Thank you for posting this! My father has been to the castle and we have some family history in the geneaology, but seeing the plaque really makes my blood pressure rise in a good way! My grandmother was Dorothy Kirkpatrick from Dallas, Texas. Dad’s closed the loop and returned. He lived in Edinburg and Norwich for awhile, now Spain.

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    So nice to hear from you, Doug! Interestingly, I also have some Woods in my family tree, on my mother’s side. Do you know of any of your Wood family ancestors that came to Canada?

  3. Doug Wood says:

    Hi Dawn-Ann,

    Ironically, none I know came TO Canada, but one came to Scotland FROM there, Dad. HA! He was born in Texas and took a job in B.C. where he got citizenship, then his oceanography life on ships in the North Atlantic eventually found him settling back in Scotland and England.

    That being said, the Wood side is Dorothy Kirkpatrick’s husband, my Grandfather Gordon Kenneth Wood. His father was a train engineer in the Chicago, IL area which is fairly close to Canada, so it’s possible they may have come down from there. At some point I remember being told that the Wood’s were from an area around Aberdeen, but might not have my facts straight.

  4. Dawn-Ann says:

    Interesting! Most of my Woods came from Elden VT but some came from Pawtucket RI. I do have one Harriet Wood who was born in Blue Mound, IL in 1864.

    I’ll bet if we dug around a bit we’d find a connection!

    Interesting about your dad winding up back in Scotland. My husband was born in Lennox and when we returned we looked for his homeland and mine. It really was a “full circle” time for both of us. I would love to return someday.


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