Message in a bottle

What is the modern day equivalent of the message in a bottle?

When I was on a ferry heading to the Sunshine Coast last week, a daddy came to the back of the boat where I was standing. He had a young girl and a young boy with him. “This looks like a good place,” he said. “Throw it really hard.”

The young girl had a bottle clutched in her hand and I saw it had a scrap of paper in it. She pulled back and threw as hard as she could (an admirable toss for such a young girl) and we watched it bob in the wake of the boat, sun glinting off of it, until we couldn’t see it any more.

“I wonder who will find the message,” one of them said as they moved away from the railing.

I stood there dreaming, wondering myself who would find the bottle. I wished I’d asked what the message said. We weren’t terribly far from land so it probably won’t be long, as far as message-bottles go, for someone to find it. Some have taken years. According to, the bottle that took the longest to find bobbed around on ocean currents for almost 93 years! It was released in 1914 and discovered in 2006.

It got me thinking; if I ever sent a message off in a bottle, what would it say? Ideas?

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3 Responses to Message in a bottle

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  2. Krisi says:

    I think it would say something wise and inspirational, Aunty. =P

    We should try to do that sometime, a whole whack of us. Maybe not on the ocean, but at the river. We could drop them off at Princes Island in the middle of the bridge.

    Do you think they’d consider that littering?

  3. Dawn-Ann says:

    I thought of the littering aspect when I was watching the young family throw their bottle off the boat. But no one seemed to mind in this case. It’s not the same as tossing garbage haphazardly – this had a purpose and would eventually be picked up by someone else. Then again, if everyone threw bottles off boats every time they rode one, it may become a real problem, I suppose! :)

    If a whole whack of us got together to send a bottle off, I think we should decide what to say and say it in one message, one bottle. That way there’s minimal environmental impact but we still have a lot of fun! That’s my two bits’ worth, anyway. Thanks for stopping by my little blog, Krista! <3

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