Kirkpatricks galore

The Kirkpatrick crest and motto on a family mausoleum in Dumfries

This is the last day of my five-day weekend and I have it earmarked for genealogy. Well, genealogy and laundry, but the laundry kind of does itself in the background, for the most part. So, I have one whole day of genealogical bliss ahead of me!

I am still looking for the “missing link” that will tie my Kirkpatricks into the Kirkpatricks of old. I am this close and expect to accomplish it today. In the mean time, here is something interesting I found. Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Eugènie, who eventually married Napoleon, had Kirkpatrick roots. Here is how it goes, from her mother on down, according to one source I found:

  1. Marie Manuelita Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, m. Don Cipriano de Palafoix, Count de Montijo
  2. William Kirkpatrick of Malaga, 1764-1837, m. “Fanny” (probably Doña Francesca), daughter of the Baron de Grivegnée of Malaga (Spain)
  3. William Kirkpatrick of Conheath, 1736-1787, m. Mary Wilson of Kelton, Kirkcudbright (Scotland)
  4. Robert Kirkpatrick, 2nd son of William Kirkpatrick, Lord of Kirkmichael, m. Henrietta Gillespie of Craighsheille; d. 1746
  5. William Kirkpatrick IV, Lord of Kirkmichael, d. 9 June 1686
  6. Alexander Kirkpatrick III, Lord of Kirkmichael, m. Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburne
  7. William Kirkpatrick II, Lord of Kirkmichael, 1548
  8. Alexander Kirkpatrick I, Lord of Kirkmichael, 1484, second son of Sir Roger Kirkpatrick of Closeburne
  9. Sir Roger Kirkpatrick of Closeburne, m. The Hon. Margaret Somerville, daughter of Lord Somerville, grand-daughter of Alexander, Lord Darnley
  10. Sir Winfred Kirkpatrick of Closeburne
  11. Sir Roger Kirkpatrick of Closeburn and Caerlaverock, d. 1357
  12. Sir Roger Kirkpatrick, 1305, “I mak sicker”
  13. Stephen, Lord of Closeburne, 1278
  14. Adam Kirkpatrick, Lord of Closeburne
  15. Yvone de Kirkpatrick of Closeburne, 1232, m. The Lady Euphemia Bruce, daughter of the Lord of Annandale
  16. Yvone de Kirkpatrick, Lord of Closeburne, 1135
  17. Cospatric, Cumberland, 1066
  18. The Kirkpatricks held lands in Nithsdale in A.D. 800
  19. Cella Patricii, A.D. 370
  20. The Tribe of Alsani, 300
  21. Finn Mac-Cual (ancient Irish king), A.D. 200

Of course, the last three are not provable and are only family legend, but I have learned that often such legends hold a grain of truth. The rest have been more or less proven, with the first known record being a legal document with the first Yvone’s name on it (No. 16; Yvone was probably pronounced “Ivan” or “Ewan”). Number 12 is the guy who gave us our motto by helping Robert the Bruce get rid of Red Comyn.

I think my family will tie in at approximately the No. 5 or No. 6 position, as that is the date frame and location of the highest Kirks on my tree. I just have to find that missing link!

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25 Responses to Kirkpatricks galore

  1. Maurene Wilson says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I am a Kirkpatrick descendant through Sir Thomas who was m. to Jane Kirkpatrick Sharpe. If you go to this website you may be able to find the connection you’re searching for –
    I have great hopes of getting to Scotland soon to do some research.

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Maurene. Thanks for the link – I will check it out! Do try to see Scotland; such a beautiful country.

    Are we neighbors? Your email address looks “local.” I’m in Calgary.

  3. Dawn,as you see by my name I am also a Kirkpatrick ,and descended from Yvone(your number 16).I am also our Australian family branch historian and creator of our family site.If I can assist you in any way ,please feel free to contact me,and I will be only too happy to try and asist you trace your lineage

  4. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Wallace! Such an interesting name you have, given the connection between the old Kirkpatricks and the Wallace family. I will email you privately – I’d love to keep in touch!

  5. Daryl Chidester says:

    Hello. I recently discovered I am a direct descendant of Euphemia Bruce. So we are all related , I take it?

  6. Dawn-Ann says:

    I think we must be, Daryl. I do know the Bruces and the Kirkpatricks were friends for generations and often would intermarry. Euphemia was my 18th great grandmother if all the calculations are correct but I still need to verify several things. Pleased to meet you, Cousin! :)

  7. jenjen says:


    I have been working on William Kirkpatrick of Malaga – you will find a page on him on my site. i am now despately seeking Alexander Kirkpatrick of Allanshaw (d. 1870s.

  8. Dawn,
    Thanks for putting all of this info on your site. I am fascinated with my families history. I always remember growing up looking at the family crest on the wall at my dad’s house wondering, “What the heck is that?”. Finally when I got older I asked him what it was and he explained it to me, well loosely explained. Since then I have been trying to find more info.
    Thanks again,

  9. Dawn-Ann says:

    Thanks James! It’s always nice for me to meet new family along the way, too. The Kirkpatricks have a very proud history. I’ll be adding more information to my site soon, so watch for it! :)

  10. DUCOS says:

    Manuela had 2 daughters : Paca and Eugénia (who married Napoleon III)
    Eugenia’s nephew (Duke de TAMAMES) was my great uncle.
    Best regards

  11. Dawn-Ann says:

    Interesting – thanks for your comment. We’re distant cousins of some kind! :)

  12. Robyn Kirkpatrick says:


    I am Robyn Kirkpatrick – also an Australian Descendant. I am currently researching the family tree and would love to get in contact with you. I am descended through Ivone Kirkpatrick (f), Herwald Kirkpatrick (GF), John Kirkpatrick (GGF)both well known architects in Australian history. John Hunter Kirkpatrick and back to Sir Roger. I was wondering if perahps we could swap stories and perhaps you could provide me with a little guidance as I start this huge journey! Thanks in advance:

    Also happy to hear from any other relations whereby we could help each other fill in the family tree gaps!

    Robyn, Sydney NSW. Email:

  13. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Robyn! Thanks for posting. Coincidentally, I am just in the process of setting up a Kirkpatrick family discussion board. My hope is that we can all meet there and get to know each other and share research. I would be pleased if you would be my first member and help me test it. It’s pretty plain and sparse so far.

    Nice to meet you, by the way. I don’t know too many Australian Kirks but it’s so nice to meet new family in all corners. :)

  14. Colin Carlin says:

    Perhaps this is what you have all been waiting for?
    The Grimsay Press of Glasgow have just published my biography of Consul William Kirkpatrick of Málaga. See
    I hope that you find it definitive and that it will answer your questions about this fascinating character who has had a poor press in the many biographies of his famous grand daughter Eugénie.

    I have explored his relationship with the Kirkpatricks of Ostende and the question of the “Indian” Kirkpatricks of Kelston in Bromley Kent. Numerous family trees help to connect the various strands of the Kirkpatrick family that originated in Closeburn and Conheath in Dumfrieshire. It is full referenced.

  15. Dawn-Ann says:

    Thank you Colin. How exciting – I will definitely have a look at your book!

  16. Jarrod Danial Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi I just happen upon your site and I was hoping anyone who reads this could help me out if they have any leads. . . I’ve been researching my name hoping to find a direct source from Scotland and I’ve been able to go back 6 generations ending with a Robert S Kirkpatrick. Census records last show him in 1850 in the town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, at the age of 34, married to Louisa J. And 8 children. Born in Kentucky, and its not a proven link but I have a source saying that his parents were William and Tabitha Kirkpatrick of Monroe county Kentucky. . . Prior to that the census records are worthless so im not sure what to do from here. . . Any body out there have relation to Robert? Do I have a long removed cousin out there that may have an answer to my mystery? . . . I would be more than greatful to any and all that can help. . . Thanks and Blessings
    Jarrod D Kirkpatrick

  17. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Jarrod. I tried Googling all your names at once just now and came up with one thing about Tabitha and William (in Kentucky) having a son named Moses. Would that be your Robert’s brother?

    It’s not rock solid research but it may give you a starting point. Unfortunately, Robert and William are real popular Kirkpatrick names, so they’ll be harder to spot, but Tabitha is unusual enough to stand out. Good luck with your search, Jarrod. Keep me posted!

  18. Karen says:

    How great to find a fellow Kirkpatrick sleuth! I am trying so hard to find the connection that my great-grandmother told me we have with Empress Eugenie. So far I found an Agnes Kirkpatrick, b. 1793 in Closeburn, daughter of John Kirkpatrick and Isbald Russell. She married William Wright, b. 1794 in Closeburn, son of John Wright and Henerata Wilson. So I have the Kirkpatrick and Wilson family names, both of Closeburn, but no connection after over 25 years of looking! If anybody recognizes any of these names, please let me know!

    Thank you,
    Karen Powell

  19. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Karen. Thanks for posting – I don’t recognize those names but I’m glad to meet you. Good luck with your search!

  20. Maurene says:

    Yes, Dawn. I live in Lethbridge.

  21. I am working on research the New Jersey
    KIRKPATRICK family, specifically
    Andrew Kirkpatrick (1756-1831)his wife, Jane Bayard, (1772-1851) Jane Eudora Kirkpatrick who married
    Rev. Jonathan Cogswell, brother of Nathaniel Cogswell Esq.(1778-1833)

    Besides NJ sources any suggestions?

  22. Jodie Hill says:

    My ggg grandmother was Agnes Kirkpatrick born 8 Feb 1815 at Moniaive, Glencairn, Dumfries, Scotland. Her father was John Kirkpatrick who I think was born 15 Oct 1795 at Caerlaverock, Conheath Dumfries Scotland. He married Margaret Mathieson. I think his father was also John Kirkpatrick and then I hit a brick wall. I feel there is a connection to William Kirkpatrick of Conheath but I just cannot find death records to link it all together! So frustrating.

  23. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Jodie. Thanks for writing, “Cousin.” I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is a Conheath in Dumfries, only in Ireland. You should probably continue your research there. (Caerlaverock is in Scotland, though.) It is a frustrating family to research but we are luckier than many families, who can’t even go back to the 1700s. Good luck with your research and keep in touch!


  24. Tom says:

    There is indeed a Conheath in Dumfriesshire. It is about 4.54 miles ssw of Dumfries on the eastern banks of the River Nith. You can locate it on both Google Maps and Google earth at 55.013 -3.5715


  25. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Thank you, Tom! This is why I love sharing information so much. However, this Conheath is a local dairy farm and I am not certain of its significance with our family history, if any. When we read of the Conheath Kirkpatricks in history, I believe we are generally referring to an area in Ireland, near Dublin. Having said that, Dumfriesshire is rich in Kirkpatrick history through and through, so there may be some kind of connection there!

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