Inspiring people

While I’m on the road, here’s a little something to inspire you.

I have started a folder of bookmarks called “Inspire.” It is full of people doing incredible things, often against all odds, many of them older than I am.

For instance, there is the 83-year-old supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice, still looking absolutely stunning after all these years. There’s the “Never, Ever Give Up” guy. And, for when I need a dose of love, I have bookmarks to the Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers remixes. (They never fail to make me happy.)

Now that I am looking forward with excitement to the second half of my life, I am developing a sky’s-the-limit attitude and am getting kind of excited!

Could I be a supermodel like Carmen? Or a track star like Olga Kotelko, who is in her 90’s? Or, more humbly, could I become a writer or a singer? Maybe I’d like to just settle down in a cabin by a lake and live a quiet life amongst the birds and trees.

The point is, the sky really is the limit as long as I: a) keep breathing, and b) stay healthy.

All the more reason to keep working on losing weight and beating diabetes.

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I grew up in British Columbia but now reside in Calgary. Nature lover, thinker, CE-5'er and far-seer. Devoted gramma to adorable twin grandchildren. My life just keeps getting richer and better all the time!
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