I’m not the only one

One of the things I hope to achieve with this journal is to share stories about other far-seeing women who prefer to travel alone. A dear friend who knows me very well sent me a link to this article:

Holidays for one: why I love to hit the road alone

The author also enjoys getting away by herself for times of solitude and mobile-phone-silence. It contains such gems as:

Once I’m parked, I’ll cook myself a pretty spectacular dinner, if I do say so myself. It is possible to make gourmet meals for one in a teeny-tiny space, and this is important, because romancing your solo self is important.

Perhaps that is something I’ll have to start doing. My “solo self” could use a little romancing.

These lines spoke directly to me:

…a long drive on quiet roads can be soothing. The amniotic swoosh of passing tyres. The LEDs of the spaceship dashboard winking. The semi-trance of doing something on autopilot. And moving forwards with things rolling by in your peripheral vision, that literal unspooling. I really think there is as much potential for mindfulness in a long, lonely drive as there is in a yoga class.

Yes! Yes and yes. There is nothing so relaxing to me as just driving and driving. Sometimes with music or radio on, but often with just my own thoughts. To me, it is the very best therapy.

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