I’m baaaack!

Sorry for the long absence.  First, my host changed my site over to a new server, which caused some headaches. Then Christmas happened and I didn’t have time to fix the site and its woeful little error messages and stuff.  Still, it was a fabulous Christmas and New Years looks like it will be even better.

I hope everyone had as marvelous a holiday as I did (I’m still ON holidays, truth be told) and I’ll be posting some real stuff soon.

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3 Responses to I’m baaaack!

  1. Margaret Kuno (kirkpatrick) says:

    Hi thanks for the Wallace heads up. Don’t know the glasses on a skull thing. Right about the wild verse people in cities? AHAHA
    I needed to see the pictures I found Closeburn. My family used to have a book. On HeritageQuest Online. cooks Image The Ancestry of King Alfred. IT is called. A Geneology of the Shobe, Kirkpatrick and Dilling Families compiled and Published by F.C. Shobe oct 1919 Chicago Ill, USA. Love your inside. Thanks Grace

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    Thanks for your comments, Margaret, and I’m glad you found some value in my little blog. It started out to be a lot of things but is turning out to be a Kirkpatrick family genealogy site! It’s really interesting to me how the Kirkpatricks are so fiercely proud of their family and how so many of us are trying to track down our little bit of the tree. One day I’d like to see if we can join them all up! :)

  3. Margaret says:

    Hi Yes I would love to meet a few people I am related to in the UK. Once I wrote a man with the Kirkpatrick name and when he received it he got up out of an old sofa in a stone castle went to his computer fax thing and I was instantly in the room with him. Wow like more people like me. Great Hall really! Clairs all of them. My grans a Clayton my Gran father is a Putnam. So glad to see that they have a lot of electronic cool stuff in the old castle walls. He was wearing a plade kelt so I thought wow…. this is so cool. Love Margaret. Love showing up in relations homes hi to all. I do out of body research and investigations and search and rescue. So it is easy for me to port key into anywhere I feel a person who gets a letter or email from me. America thinks people like me are odd. I should have grown up in the UK it is normal there. Aloha Blessings and Namaste Margaret

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