Home to Scotland, home from Scotland

I’ve been away for a few weeks; only now getting back in the saddle. We went to Scotland, where we did some castle searching (and finding) and graveyard tromping. Tom wanted to go home to the place of his nativity and I wanted to do some family tree research. Took tons of pictures and absorbed the countryside. Ate huge and hearty breakfasts and relished thick brogues (“I know we’re talking the same language, but I don’t understand a WORD you’re saying!”).

It felt good to find my roots, or at least a couple of them. I found a family mausoleum in Dumfries and family gravestones in Closeburn. Now, rather than being just names of birthplaces in my genealogy chart, the towns have real structure and texture in my mind. Family history became more real to me and I was moved by some of the things I learned.

I’m still absorbing it all.

Somehow the world is now a much smaller place to me and history is much closer.

Scottish morning (click for full size)

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4 Responses to Home to Scotland, home from Scotland

  1. Stephen says:

    Hi Dawn

    I am a descendent of George KP of Knock through his son Alexander of Coolmine House Dublin. Well, we think Alexander’s father was George, and the Irish arm of the family i quite well documented. George did not leave for Ireland – at least not permanently, and is buried in the Garrell churchyard in Dumfries.

    If you like to email me I would be interested to see if we can connect my family with yours – there are many Kirkpatricks in the US and Canada but most families are finding it difficult to connect in with the Irish and Scottish families.



  2. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Stephen! So good to hear from you. We have also wondered if George was our forefather, but like you cannot be 100% certain. The list of his children’s names does not match “our” siblings that came to America. George did go to Northern Ireland at least once (possibly twice), but yes, he is buried in the Garrell churchyard. I don’t know for certain if he has offspring in Dublin but at this point anything is possible! :)

    Good luck with your research. Keep an eye on this blog for further developments. I am planning a research trip to Belfast next spring and am hoping to find some answers there. Fingers crossed!


  3. Nancy Ginder says:

    I am a Kirkpatrick decedent planning a trip to Scotland, and will be visiting Closeburn / Dumfries. I too have been working on the family tree and hoping to find some of those missing links. Would you have any advice for me on places I should visit in Scotland?


  4. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Sorry to be so slow in replying! I think you should try to visit the Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society in Dumfries. There is a binder there of Kirkpatrick stuff and the staff there are so helpful and kind. The Closeburn kirks and cemeteries are interesting to wander around in, too. Good luck in your research.


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