Funny Kirkpatrick article

While I was on vacation last week I stopped in at the Ashcroft museum to have a look at some of the old Kirkpatrick archives held there. (Thanks so much for all your help, Kathy!)

One interesting item I found was quite amusing. Read on:

RCMP News (June 27, 1968 P)
– I think the source of this was the Ashcroft Journal

Clifford Kirkpatrick was moving back to this area from Burnaby yesterday, to Cache Creek with a car and rental trailer. A four-year-old boy, Darcy Harris, was reported missing to Burnaby RCMP by his parents, and enquiries and search around the parents home revealed that the boy had been playing near where Mr. Kirkpatrick was loading furniture and somehow got into the trailer. The boy was found in the trailer at Cache Creek, safe and sound, wearing summer clothes.

I just love the last phrase. Like what he was wearing was any concern? Hee hee…

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2 Responses to Funny Kirkpatrick article

  1. peggy kirkpatrick (turner) says:

    my husband – douglas turner – was doing research on family history and found your site. I am great x3 grand daughter of thomas kirkpatrick (first mayor of kingston and born in coolmine ireland)
    loved your site.
    we live near uxbridge ontario
    sent on doug’s gmail
    peggy turner

  2. Dawn-Ann says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Peggy! I’ve been hoping to “meet” some Ontario cousins here. I knew there was a batch of ‘em over there. One of these days I may just follow up with some questions for you. The Kirkpatricks that “jumped the pond” to come to the U.S. may be directly related to your Thomas and I would love to find that link. I’ll talk to you soon!

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