It was a gorgeous, blue-sky morning and I stopped at A&W for a bacon and egger before heading up to the garage sale. I hit every green light along the way and took it as a good omen. ¬†Although my sister B.J. has been so ill, my heart was light and I felt optimistic. Usually an event like this that uses a whole, precious calendar day would be met with a little apprehension as I thought about everything else I could be doing, but today I thought only of the task at hand, the prospect of sharing my day with people I love, and making as much money as possible for B.J.’s trust fund.

A huge dragonfly kept flying around our activities. Our mascot!

As early as I was, I wasn’t the first to arrive. Amanda was there already, unloading stuff from her truck and organizing a large collection of bottles for the bottle drive. There were bags and bags of them! I wished I had brought my bag – maybe tomorrow.

I immediately got busy setting up tables and organizing merchandise. Several families had contributed to the cause and we had a LOT of stuff. I despaired that we’d never sell it all but needn’t have worried. Folks started arriving earlier than the posted time and came in waves. Sometimes there would be no one and then – WHOOM – there would be five or six cars cramming into the narrow alleyway.

And we sat and sat all day, taking money and chatting up visitors. More than one kind soul paid more than the asking price because it was a fundraiser. We ate Chris’ delightful cookies and yakked our faces off. One sister did a coffee run to Timmy’s. I snagged a couple of books I wanted (including Dog the Bounty Hunter’s biography and a book of poetry to read to B.J.) and a Gazelle. We cheerfully let ourselves get talked down in price and watched people cart it away.

And we had some exciting news – two different people had been to see B.J. that morning and both reported that her eyes had been WIDE open and that she turned her head to look at them! Everyone was pretty tickled to hear that.

There was still a lot of stuff left over when we shut ‘er down tonight but tomorrow is another day. Let’s hope we move the washer and dryer and filing cabinet so we don’t have to haul them to the dump!

Thanks to everyone who contributed goods, donated money, assisted with sweat equity and cheered us on. It was a team effort of the best kind and we are grateful for your help.

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