Free energy

A friend of mine wrote an interesting blog post about an exciting new technological trend of the future – electricity.  Free (or nearly free) electricity, that is.  I’ve read and thought about the endless possibilities before, but today I realized that not everyone has awakened to this concept.  So let me elaborate.

I believe free energy is going to be what levels the playing field for us all.

Imagine if we had no more electricity or gas bills. Ever. I don’t know what you’re paying, but that’d be an extra $400 per month for me.  Four hundred dollars that I could do other, more worthwhile things with. Why, that’s $4800 per year!  I could get that laser eye surgery I’ve been thinking about.  I could pay off my credit card.  I could give more to my favourite charities – you name it.

And for folks in developing countries – imagine.  If they could cook a meal without having to breathe toxic fumes from burning cow dung; or could stay up past dark to read or study; or power a water pump or power tools or whatever… Don’t you think THAT would change the future for millions of people in Africa and India and South America?  The possibilities are endless.

Most folks haven’t caught on to this yet, but here is one innovative company that is on the cutting edge.  I have been watching these guys for a couple of years now (mostly wishing they would HURRY UP and bring their product to market).  They have invented a remarkable generator that runs perpetually, using the natural attraction/repulsion of magnets.  They’re called Lutec and as soon as they start selling, I plan to be one of their first buyers.  I’ll pop one of these babies into our garage, hook it up, and the rest will be history.

Hubby will be relieved when I quit nagging about leaving the lights on…

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