Diggin’ around

Poor little guy never got to finish his job. The next day there were more holes around this one, but for some reason our little beastie (most likely a squirrel) never did finish burying this one.

It’s the first real, sunny, gorgeous day of the year so far and I’ve been out in the gardens, watering and weeding. Seems we have a bumper crop of weeds this year, so I may have to get out a hoe rather than try to pick ’em all by hand.

Just had to share, though. I came home from work the other day and saw that some digging had been going on in the front yard, but not by me or Tom. SOMEONE had been trying to hide a peanut and must have left abruptly, as the peanut was still lying by the hole, next to a wee mound of dirt. Hee hee…

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