Dawn Ann’s Van Plan

April 20, 2019

So, I am starting a new experiment. Yesterday Isaac came and helped me move all my stuff into storage and last night the kittens and I slept in the van.

It was cold. Everything hurt from moving. We all had a rough time sleeping last night.

But we survived.

Morning light

I got tired of paying exorbitant rent in a place where they didn’t really care about me as a person. I’m sure apartment management doesn’t usually care about their tenants as people, but I never felt safe there and I never felt that it was home.

So, the plan is for me to live in the van with the cats for the summer. If I like it I will keep doing it, and if I grow tired of it I will find somewhere permanent but more affordable to live.

I’m going to try to be regular with these blog posts; just my thoughts a little bit at a time. I’m also going to post pictures. It’s kind of cool waking up in a different place every morning. The morning sunlight looks different on each landscape.

Mystery (my girl kitten) having a wee doze

My immediate plan over the next few days is to clean the apartment and get my damage deposit back, then head for Calgary. I have some business to do there and some friends and family I want to see.

Some things I noticed on our first night:

1) The cats were pretty stressed at first, but now they’re already relaxing into their new home. They seem to rather enjoy watching traffic, crows, people walking by. Especially Moonlight; he is always so curious.

2) I packed way too much stuff. The van is jam-packed and there’s hardly room to get around. I did this kind of on purpose, as I didn’t want to miss out on any convenience. I included as much food as I could bring. So the first order of today, after I get finished cleaning the apartment, is to go park somewhere and sort through everything, to see how much I can winnow out.

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