Isn’t it funny the connections you make with people sometimes?  The other day I was riding home on the train, moving slowly down 7th Avenue, when I caught the eye of a pedestrian on the sidewalk.  He was a tall, striking black man with a pleasant face and his eyes smiled at mine.  I held his gaze and smiled back.  We maintained that eye contact until we lost sight of each other.  It wasn’t a flirty contact, at least not for me; it was more of a recognition of a brother “child of the Universe,” but I could feel an almost electrical buzz as the event unfolded.

Getting a hug from my highschool friend Patty at my 50th birthday bash.

Getting a hug from my highschool friend Patty at my 50th birthday bash.

I had a similar incident in New York City, of all places.  I was being all touristy, riding around town on top of one of those red double-decker buses.  As I looked over the side at all the people on the sidewalk I caught the eye of a lady walking there.  She also held my gaze, smiled, and even gave a happy little wave at me.  I waved back and again there was a jolt of connection – a feeling of meeting a sister child of the Universe.  (New Yorkers are much friendlier than I expected them to be!)

Yesterday at work I had one more such interesting experience, though this one was over the phone.  I have yet to meet this sister, though I may.  A lady from another department called me on a matter of business.  Turns out her name is also Dawn, she runs, had heard of Holly’s website, knows a mutual running friend, and does running clinics for the Running Room (one of which I am signed up for in the spring).  She has a blog that has a pretty decent readership and she’s about my age.  In fact, her picture reminds me of a red-headed me, in a way.  Chatting with her was like deja vu.  You can see Dawn’s site at Dawn on the Run.

The Universe seems to be lining up all these interesting new encounters for me lately.  It’s intriguing to contemplate why.

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  1. It was great chatting with you as well. Sorry I didn’t drop by sooner but well I haven’t been spending as much time on my pc as I like to.

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