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Isn’t it funny the connections you make with people sometimes?  The other day I was riding home on the train, moving slowly down 7th Avenue, when I caught the eye of a pedestrian on the sidewalk.  He was a tall, striking black man with a pleasant face and his eyes … [read]

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I paid it forward

If you read my story called Pay $5 forward, you’ll know that I’ve been carrying a crumpled $5 bill around in my coat pocket for a while. I’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to pay it forward since the day it was given to me by a dear … [read]

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Tattooed Jedi

Telling my story about meeting the lady on my commute home the other day (Pay $5 forward) made me think of another cool experience I had on the train. I think this commuting thing may wind up being kind of fun, after all. I may learn some stuff. Anyway… I … [read]

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Was King Arthur really a Scot?

I am reading a fascinating book called Realm of the Ring Lords, which looks at ancient legends to see if there may have been some basis in fact to them. It goes into a lot of cool things like dragon queens and ring lords and their possible foundations in ancient … [read]

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Pay $5 forward

I had the most unusual experience on the train home tonight. I was sitting there gazing out the window, my mind a million miles away, when I heard a voice beside me say, “Excuse me. Do you drink coffee?” I looked over and saw a Native woman about my age. … [read]

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Kirkpatrick family connections to the world

I have been tracing my family tree and on a recent trip to Scotland managed to gather scads of material that I still need to sift through and enter into my database. However, there is a gap between our Kirkpatricks and the lords and knights of old. I think I … [read]

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Summiting Jumping Pound Mountain

The surprise birthday party would have made my weekend complete in itself. However, the next day I decided to join Holly and Isaac (#2 and #4 offspring) hiking in Kananaskis. It was a stunningly beautiful fall day and I figured I’d better get out there while the getting was good. … [read]

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I am about to turn 50 in a week or so. I joke with my kids that I’m “wise” now. Well, in spite of my infinite wisdom, I somehow missed catching on to the fact that they were planning a surprise birthday party for me! I sure as heck hope … [read]

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The family community

When I think of all my family members – those who know me best and love me anyway – my spirit is warmed. In this day and age, when our sprawling cities and transient population have created an anonymous society, it’s nice to know that with family we still have … [read]

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Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Okay, I love the idea of living in the country again. And I love to read good stories that include lots of purty pictures – especially if said stories are well written with spelling and grammar checked. That’s why I adore this site. If you haven’t seen it, you really … [read]

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