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Twins of the father

My baby girl (who is now in her 20s) is expecting twins in April. This tickles me to no end, as I had long despaired of ever becoming a grandmother. Robb, her partner, is a devoted dad-to-be and has started a delightful blog about what it’s like to be expecting … [read]

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Proving (or disproving) family legends

I stumbled upon an excellent blog post about how to deal with those “family legends” – some of which are true, some not; some of which are good, some not-so-good. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of tact and diplomacy. Katrina at Kick-Ass Genealogy says this: When you interview your … [read]

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Kirkpatrick wisdom

The more research I do into the Kirkpatrick clan, the more I love and respect ‘em. No doubt there were exceptions, but for the most part I’m finding tales of love, strength, dignity and loyalty. Those who knew them seemed to be unwaveringly devoted to them. The Kirkpatricks as a … [read]

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It was a gorgeous, blue-sky morning and I stopped at A&W for a bacon and egger before heading up to the garage sale. I hit every green light along the way and took it as a good omen. ¬†Although my sister B.J. has been so ill, my heart was light … [read]

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Kirkpatrick and Bowe history – wild football game at Alkali Lake

I am preparing a family history binder for the Kirkpatrick Family Reunion this weekend and was reading some of Great Uncle Sam’s writings last night. Uncle Sam was a prolific writer and his stories are a boon to anyone trying to put together local family history. He was born and … [read]

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Notes from the C-Train

My daily commute to and from work is starting to look like a huge, wonderful classroom experience for me. Let me explain. My travels through life have often been solitary. I generally avoided contact with others, even if it was eye contact in a crowd of strangers. Aside from my … [read]

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A couple of degrees of separation – or something

I have a new Twitter acquaintance. His name is Wil. He is sooo cute and brilliant and nerdy and – most important to this gal – he is funny and can write. Like a hot damn. In fact, his clever, witty writing style had me hooked from the word go. … [read]

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The Unexpected Community

Sometimes you’ll be doing something random in life and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by people who form an unexpected community. Maybe you’ll be stuck on a bus in traffic and someone will tell a joke and soon everyone is smiling and talking. Here is a lovely little story … [read]

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Light Up The World

A couple of days after writing the previous post I was walking through Bankers Hall on my lunch break when I came across a little booth. On the table I saw a small solar panel attached to what looked like a tiny car battery and some lights. I had almost … [read]

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Kirkpatricks galore

This is the last day of my five-day weekend and I have it earmarked for genealogy. Well, genealogy and laundry, but the laundry kind of does itself in the background, for the most part. So, I have one whole day of genealogical bliss ahead of me! I am still looking … [read]

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