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Developing intuition (and communication with animals?)

This one is kinda on the “woo” side, but anyway… I think my intuition is improving. I’ve been asking for help in that regard and, like several of my woo friends, I feel like I’m getting that help. Here are three examples: 1) Today Tom and I were watching Antiques … [read]

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Blame it on La Niña

When I was growing up in northern British Columbia, meteorology was actually one of the “Nature Girl” type interests I held. I paid attention to weather patterns and cloud formations and tried to learn how to predict what the weather was going to do. I wasn’t terribly good at it, … [read]

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Nature Girl

I was riding home on the train today and I realized, “I’m a Nature Girl still.” You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. I noticed that my eyes still automatically drift to the clouds. The trees. The birds. … [read]

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The new ice age cometh

It’s snowing today in Calgary. Yes, in June. And while it’s true Calgary has seen snow in each month of the year (sometimes all 12 months of a single year), it took me by surprise and got me thinking. I’d heard rumours about a coming ice age and the last … [read]

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