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Kirkpatrick timeline

This is kind of neat. I was searching for Kirkpatrick family information and Google produced a timeline for me. It uses several websites and documents as its source to produce an interesting view of Kirkpatrick history. Here is a link to the timeline. Enjoy!

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The Trail of the Covered Wagon

I’m probably spending too much time on genealogy stuff and not enough time on other things I could be doing. It’s how I relax, though, and the “other stuff” will wait until tomorrow. Stumbled upon this story at the JPKirkpatrick site. It’s a recounting of how some folks set out … [read]

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More on the Watties Neach debate

I’ve written before on what I have discovered about Watties Neach (there ain’t one). Now I have stumbled upon some fresh evidence that I am correct in my assumption! In an old edition of the Kirkpatrick Newsletter, dated Jan-Feb-Mar 1990, I found this letter to the editor. It was written … [read]

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The Kilpatrick connection to the Kirkpatricks

I’ve know for some time that the Kilpatricks were kin, their name being a variation of Kirkpatrick. Tonight I stumbled upon an interesting explanation for the difference. The source is an old Kirkpatrick Newsletter dated Oct-Nov-Dec 1989. It was published by Nathan L. Barlow of Rison, Arizona, whom I have … [read]

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Proving (or disproving) family legends

I stumbled upon an excellent blog post about how to deal with those “family legends” – some of which are true, some not; some of which are good, some not-so-good. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of tact and diplomacy. Katrina at Kick-Ass Genealogy says this: When you interview your … [read]

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Kirkpatrick wisdom

The more research I do into the Kirkpatrick clan, the more I love and respect ‘em. No doubt there were exceptions, but for the most part I’m finding tales of love, strength, dignity and loyalty. Those who knew them seemed to be unwaveringly devoted to them. The Kirkpatricks as a … [read]

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Kirkpatrick mausoleum at the old Closeburn kirkyard

From the book Records of the Closeburn Kirkpatricks by Major-General C. Kirkpatrick, C.B., C.B.E.: When the loch [at Closeburn Castle] was drained in 1859, a number of relics were found. Amongst those, was an oak canoe 12 feet long in a good state of preservation. This was sent to the … [read]

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When I first began researching my family history, I was brought again and again to John and Carol Kirkpatrick’s website. Although the homepage needs a serious facelift, it’s what’s inside the site that makes a visit worthwhile. Judging by the surname list and the name index, this site must have … [read]

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Robert the Bruce

Kirkpatrick family researchers have read the story many times about how Sir Roger Kirkpatrick aided Robert the Bruce in killing Comyn in Greyfriars Church. But could we have spun the story just a little? Could it be that the great Bruce was in fact an opportunist and that things didn’t … [read]

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A mystery – what does it mean, this skull wearing glasses?

When I was in Scotland I found an old mausoleum that had some carvings around the inside wall. One of them was of a skull that seemed to be wearing glasses. I have searched the ‘Net and can’t seem to find an explanation – does anyone know anything about this … [read]

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