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Ashcroft Museum

When I was on a recent road trip, I finally got the chance to do something I’ve been meaning to do for years. I stopped in at the Ashcroft Museum (in beautiful downtown Ashcroft, British Columbia). Kathy, the lady who works there, was so kind and helpful and I enjoyed … [read]

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Funny Kirkpatrick article

While I was on vacation last week I stopped in at the Ashcroft museum to have a look at some of the old Kirkpatrick archives held there. (Thanks so much for all your help, Kathy!) One interesting item I found was quite amusing. Read on: RCMP News (June 27, 1968 … [read]

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Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick’s attire

Here’s a really neat historical find I think you’ll like. I stumbled upon it by accident one day and then forgot about it. A place called Artfund has acquired an antique outfit that belonged to our very own Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick. I imagine that’s Sir Thomas who was the Bart … [read]

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Happy Father’s Day, Dedy!

I’m really lucky in that I get to see my Dedy fairly regularly, as he lives just a couple hours’ drive away. Occasionally he comes in for family gatherings and appointments and – even more occasionally – I go out to his town for Legion events and just to hang … [read]

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Sandy Kirkpatrick’s pictures, Part III

And today I will post the last two pictures Sandy sent me that he took while in Scotland recently. They’re gorgeous images and I just had to share. Thanks again, Sandy!

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Sandy Kirkpatrick’s pictures, Part II

Today I will share a photo Sandy took of a mural he spotted in Dumfries. It depicts the slaying of Red Comyn by Robert the Bruce and acknowledges Sir Roger Kirkpatrick’s part. It also gives the Kirkpatrick motto! Thank you Sandy for sharing these pictures with us.

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Sandy Kirkpatrick’s pictures, Part I

Mr. Sandy Kirkpatrick from Florida responded to one of my posts recently. He very kindly offered to share some photos he took while he was in Scotland. He has just returned from there, so his pictures are of sunny spring days – not like my rainy, wet ones from a … [read]

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Wallace’s House

Going through all the family history material I have amassed over the years, I find treasure now and then. This has to do with Wallace’s House, which is, I believe, sometimes confused as “Watties Neach” in Kirkpatrick history. In an 1869 publication called The Bruce and Wallace, I found this … [read]

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What I should have said

Bonnie Janine Kirkpatrick Born: September 23, 1964 Died: November 15, 2009   After three months of struggle, my beautiful sister Janine passed away late one dark November night. Her hospital room was packed with people who cherished her – her father, her sisters, her daughters – and as she took … [read]

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Skull wearing glasses, Part II

If you’ve been reading my blog, you may recall an entry I wrote about a carving of a skull I found in a Kirkpatrick mausoleum. The skull appeared to be wearing glasses. I searched and searched online and could find nothing about any other such carvings and thought it was … [read]

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