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Acceptance and the circle of life

As I move more or less gracefully into the second half-century of my life I have been faced with a number of life lessons I haven’t had to learn before. There have been staggering losses and remarkable gains; dark moments of grief that brought me to my knees and (sometimes … [read]

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Kirkpatrick wisdom

The more research I do into the Kirkpatrick clan, the more I love and respect ‘em. No doubt there were exceptions, but for the most part I’m finding tales of love, strength, dignity and loyalty. Those who knew them seemed to be unwaveringly devoted to them. The Kirkpatricks as a … [read]

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[kiz-met], noun – fate; destiny. Source: I have thought about writing as a career choice off and on for years. I’ve dabbled a bit here and there and even got published once or twice. But I have never taken that BIG step to writership. Today I found this little … [read]

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Notes from the C-Train

My daily commute to and from work is starting to look like a huge, wonderful classroom experience for me. Let me explain. My travels through life have often been solitary. I generally avoided contact with others, even if it was eye contact in a crowd of strangers. Aside from my … [read]

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We shall not cease from exploring, And the end of our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot Life never stands still for us. It winds and spirals in great waves and cycles, sometimes taking us back to where … [read]

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Apples and oranges, elephants and dogs

Every now and then you see something in nature that sets you back on your heels in awe. Nature has her rules and her ways of doing things, right? Survival of the fittest. Ordered seasons. Weather patterns. And generally, one species of animal is rivaled with – or at least … [read]

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Pay attention: multitasking is highly overrated

I used to have a young, upwardly-mobile coworker who took great pride in her “multitasking” abilities. She would type while she was talking on the phone, at the same time keeping an eye on her instant messaging and what was going on in the office around her. Whenever I talked … [read]

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To have lived well, Laughed often and loved much; To have gained the respect Of intelligent men And the love of children; To have filled a niche And accomplished a task; To have left the world better – Whether by an improved poppy, A perfect poem or a rescued soul; … [read]

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Sir Richard’s thoughts on success

Sometimes you just can’t think of something to write, right?  So I dug up an old post from last year.  Enjoy! Originally posted March 2007: Sir Richard Branson is someone I admire for his daringness, adventurousness and smarts. I devoured his biography last year (it reads like an adventure novel) … [read]

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The Unexpected Community

Sometimes you’ll be doing something random in life and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by people who form an unexpected community. Maybe you’ll be stuck on a bus in traffic and someone will tell a joke and soon everyone is smiling and talking. Here is a lovely little story … [read]

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