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My Auntie Lonna

My Auntie, Lonna Karen Kirkpatrick, was only a few years older than me but she and my uncle, her brother George, doted on me like the little sister they never had. Their eyes would light up whenever they saw me. With Lonna, as with George, I always felt very special, … [read]

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Peter Paul May, Part 1

In pursuing the genealogy of my grandfather, Peter Paul May, I have hit a dead end. There seem to be very few records of his life and I think this needs to be rectified. Because my “Papa Pete,” as I knew him, was a vibrant, dynamic individual in his day. … [read]

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Consciousness and love and patience…

“Vulnerability is having the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome.” BrenĂ© Brown I notice I am so changed this visit over last. I am full of love and compassion, even to the dogs. I used to fear and despise dogs as messy, drooly, stupid creatures; now … [read]

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Dastardly Kirkpatricks

Most of the Kirkpatricks I have researched so far were respected, hard-working, family-oriented people who had a sense of humor and a sense of adventure. They were explorers and trail blazers. They were pillars of their communities. I haven’t heard of too many “bad” Kirkpatricks, but there is the occasional … [read]

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Thoughts on motherhood

Does anyone ever stop worrying about their kids, or am I an anomaly? Seriously. I worry about them all, even though they range in age from 26 to 38. And I have now acquired grandchildren and a son-in-law to worry about, too! Oh, I know. I should leave them to … [read]

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Silent, sad stories

When we were in Scotland I took a lot of pictures of cemetery headstones, especially in Closeburn and Dumfries. Most of the images I got were of Kirkpatrick family members’ stones, but occasionally I found ones that stirred my imagination. Some even moved me to tears, such as this poignant … [read]

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Let the children run free

When I was a girl I was often up and out the door after a quick breakfast. I played and explored outside all day and only came home to eat and use the washroom. I was called in at dinnertime and then was out again until the street lights came … [read]

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A day in the life of Dawn-Ann

Okay, this is the last video that I’ll bore you with for awhile. It’s just that I’ve been having so much fun with my FLIP camera and my editing software (CyberLink PowerDirector). I was hanging out with my niece and her fella and my son, Rob. We went to Eau … [read]

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Happy Father’s Day, Dedy!

I’m really lucky in that I get to see my Dedy fairly regularly, as he lives just a couple hours’ drive away. Occasionally he comes in for family gatherings and appointments and – even more occasionally – I go out to his town for Legion events and just to hang … [read]

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Acceptance and the circle of life

As I move more or less gracefully into the second half-century of my life I have been faced with a number of life lessons I haven’t had to learn before. There have been staggering losses and remarkable gains; dark moments of grief that brought me to my knees and (sometimes … [read]

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