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Update for 2021 so far…

It’s been so long since I wrote but I’m getting back into the swing of things! I’ve been in Calgary for awhile now but I’m getting homesick for Vancouver Island. Planning a trip there soon, in spite of “the covid.” (What a time THAT has been!) Rathtrevor Beach is calling … [read]

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Leash training fun and games…

So, in an effort to keep my cats healthy and happy I have been trying to leash train them so we can go out for walks. With mixed results. Little boy cat (the black one) loves to go out and has taken to the leash because he knows it means … [read]

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Van Life Update #5 – Diminishing Footprint, Expanding Vistas

It’s been over a month since I moved out of my apartment and into my van. There have been some challenges but I am slowly getting things figured out. Some things I love are being in Nature more, waking up to new scenes in the morning, more solitude, not being … [read]

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Van Life – Day 3

​April 22, 2019 Advantage to living in a van: Different scenery every morning. Disadvantage to living in a van: Litterbox stink bombs seem much more potent. I find my waking hours have shifted a little bit. We go to bed earlier and we are up earlier in the morning – … [read]

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The Van Plan – Day 2

April 21, 2019 ​​​This is day two of sleeping in my van. Yesterday I did the walk-through of my apartment and we worked out how much of my damage deposit I’ll be getting back. I left all the cleaning to them because the cats and I were stressed, so I … [read]

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Dawn Ann’s Van Plan

April 20, 2019 So, I am starting a new experiment. Yesterday Isaac came and helped me move all my stuff into storage and last night the kittens and I slept in the van. It was cold. Everything hurt from moving. We all had a rough time sleeping last night. But … [read]

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Nomadic life

Those who know me know that I love to travel. I get bored if I stay in one place too long. So imagine my glee when I discovered a whole community of travellers who live in their vans, RVs and even cars full time. Seriously! I think this is the … [read]

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I’m not the only one

One of the things I hope to achieve with this journal is to share stories about other far-seeing women who prefer to travel alone. A dear friend who knows me very well sent me a link to this article: Holidays for one: why I love to hit the road alone … [read]

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New adventures – let the fun begin!

My husband and I have long argued back and forth about selling the house and retiring somewhere a little warmer and less expensive. We currently live in Calgary and, being a country girl, it is really starting to wear on my psyche. My vote was to sell and move to … [read]

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New beginnings… er…

Okay. Well, that title sounds a little cliche but I don’t know how to say it better. I’ve been away for awhile doing other things. But now I am coming close to finishing up some big projects and my calendar is finally starting to clear a bit and I’m thinking, … [read]

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