Buying stuff to define ourselves

I read somewhere recently that we will often start buying “things” after or during a major life change.

For instance, if we start college or get a divorce or lose a loved one, we will start making what seem to be random purchases for no good reason. A friend of mine recently lost her husband to cancer; since his passing, she has bought a lot of coats and jackets. That kind of thing.

Why do we do this? The theory, if I’m remembering correctly, is that we are trying on different styles and preferences in an effort to redefine ourselves in our new roles – as student or divorcee or widow, etc.

Will I start doing that, I wonder, as I seek to discover myself? I haven’t started the buying part yet, but I have started “trying on” new ideas in my mind.

Right now, I tend to be getting rid of stuff in an effort to downsize, but that’s a topic for another post.

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