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Born and home-grown British Columbian, I currently reside in New Westminster, BC. Nature lover, thinker and far-seer. Devoted gramma to adorable twin grandchildren. My life just keeps getting richer and better all the time!

Making myself over (or not)

Hitting my fifties, gaining more independence, and a recent health scare have started the wheels of change in motion for me. Before this point, I had always taken care of others. From the time I was six years old, helping to toilet train my baby sister, through raising my own … [read]

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New me, new language

I am trying to think of new adjectives to describe myself these days. I used to use younger-sounding ones like “nerd girl” and “explorer chick,” or maternal-sounding ones like “da mama.” But in this time of redefining myself I realize I need to come up with updated words to define … [read]

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New adventures – let the fun begin!

My husband and I have long argued back and forth about selling the house and retiring somewhere a little warmer and less expensive. We currently live in Calgary and, being a country girl, it is really starting to wear on my psyche. My vote was to sell and move to … [read]

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An ancestor mentioned on a TV program

Thanks to my husband for finding this one for me! A television program called Line of Fire has an episode named The Battle of Bannockburn. In a brief few seconds we see the story of one of our Kirkpatrick ancestors’ most famous hours. Click here to view. Watch from about … [read]

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The importance and impact of sound

Over the years I have come to understand that noises around me strongly impact my moods and temperament, seemingly moreso as I age. That is why I have begun wearing headphones when I’m working – to block out my husband’s constant news feeds on his computer and on the TV. … [read]

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Thoughts on motherhood

Does anyone ever stop worrying about their kids, or am I an anomaly? Seriously. I worry about them all, even though they range in age from 26 to 38. And I have now acquired grandchildren and a son-in-law to worry about, too! Oh, I know. I should leave them to … [read]

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Let’s get this party started

I’ve been non-blogging lately – not because I have nothing to write about. I have had some adventures and a family reunion or two, but I’ve been very busy with volunteer work and life and… stuff. But now I want to come back to my little blog and start nurturing … [read]

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Vintage film of Alkali Lake in 1946

I’ve written about Alkali Lake a few times. It is where Herman Otto Bowe settled and where the wild football game great uncle Sam wrote about took place. So, imagine my surprise and joy when cousin Bernice posted this amazing video on Facebook. Many of these people could be family … [read]

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Convoluted family links

The more research I do, the more confused I get about our family history. For instance, I am trying to make the leap “across the pond” from our American Kirkpatrick immigrants to specific families in Scotland. Not going so well. The Alexanders and the Georges and the Jameses I am … [read]

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Emma (Bowe) Kirkpatrick

My great grandmother Emma’s marriage to James Douglas Kirkpatrick was the point where the Kirkpatrick line first merged with the Bowe line, back in the day. Great grandma was quite the extraordinary woman. Born 8 March 1872, Emma was the daughter of Herman Otto Bowe, a German, and Quilinick “Caroline” … [read]

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