Ancient memories: Tara Time

I wrote this a long time ago but feel compelled to share it today. To preface the story, let me mention that I had had a past life regression which examined two former lifetimes. This is the story of the most ancient one:

Her kind old face was wreathed with laugh lines; her golden skin glowed in the sun. Sparkling dark eyes filled with intelligence, compassion and humor twinkled out at the world. She was the smartest, funniest woman I had ever known and everything I knew I had learned from her. She gave me a lasting legacy of humor and smarts, as well as a message for the world – that we are all One. I loved her more than I have ever loved anyone since.

I gazed around us this bright, sunny day, absorbing her love and her knowledge. The golden stones of the temple and the courtyard glowed warm in the sun’s rays. Brilliant green foliage cast cool shadows across the stones and added a softening effect around the edges of our existence. I could feel the calming, gentle wisdom of the trees. The wind in their branches spoke to me.

A quiet voice queried me; “What is the system of government of the time?” I looked around me. Students were listening to a teacher, seated upon benches of stone and dressed in long, white tunics and gilded sandals like mine. I answered immediately; “It is like a monarchy, but the leader is, in many ways, just a figurehead. The government is of the people and everyone cooperates in its running.” I wanted to elaborate further, as this was a topic that greatly interested me, but the voice asked other questions quickly that moved me from one topic to another. I became slightly irritated that my thoughts were not allowed to linger on each one.

I had come to this place after many millennia of absence. I had been first a student of the temple here, then a teacher. The mists of eons of time had dimmed my memories, but the feelings were familiar and much missed. I reveled in my surroundings and the expansion of my mind. Everyone here was working together to create a world of peace and harmony, of knowledge and understanding, of love and oneness.

A memory came to me of a later time when I was teaching a class, myself. My sister (who is again my sister in this lifetime) was amongst my students, sitting quietly in the back and listening intently. She came because she loved the ideas being presented and wanted to learn what she could so she could share this knowledge with her children. She was not a priestess, but was allowed to participate in the classes because of her relationship to me. What we studied and taught was not hoarded amongst the temple dwellers alone, but was meant to be shared and understood by all.

The high priestess’ wisdom left a lasting legacy with me. Through lifetime after lifetime I was able to utilize what she taught me and apply it to my lives. In this life, I understand where I got my sense of humor and compassion; she was the source.

My mind drifted from place to place during this lifetime. I could recall the colorful, bustling marketplaces, though we of the temple rarely visited them. Everything we needed was brought to us daily, as we were expected only to study, learn and teach. The golden stones of the temple and city vibrated with an energy that is now all but gone from this earth. We were able to communicate with the trees and the animals. We swam with dolphins and gazed at the stars. We learned how to manipulate energies and create what we needed, moving through time and space and accessing information that is also now gone from this planet – at least for the most part. At least for now.

“What is your name in this lifetime?” The voice again pulled me gently back into the current time. A split second passed before I recalled; “Tara. Or Kara. No, Tara.”

“Do you know where your country is situated?”

“I don’t recall.” I paused briefly. “No, I can’t pinpoint where we are. It was so long ago.”

I wanted to linger, explore my old lifetime and reminisce some more. Feel the warmth and energy and love that surrounded us all. See what became of my sister and her children. But slowly I was brought back to this life and my visit was over.

“Have you ever heard of Tara before?” my guide asked me.

Having been a Gone With The Wind fan all my life, I answered, “Just Tara of Gone With The Wind. And I have a friend named Tara, but beyond that, no.”

My guide got up and fetched a figurine she had of Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion. She explained that Quan Yin was also known as Tara in other cultures. I looked closely at the little figurine. Her hair was pulled back in loops exactly as I had remembered wearing it in those ancient times. She had a little ornament on her brow, just as I had. I could not see her tiny feet, but I was sure she must also be wearing gilded sandals as I had.

I looked up at my guide, wide-eyed. “Tara taught that we are all One,” she said. A thrill went through me. “I think you were Tara,” my guide continued. I did not answer, but upon reflection I should have clarified, “Not Tara herself, but a teacher of the Temple of Tara.” We were all teachers of the Temple of Tara. But the tiny bit of remnant knowledge we now have of Tara barely hints at the power and the wisdom that we knew then.

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