Ancient Kirkpatrick cousin, or, Do I see a trip to Ireland in my future?

In my search for the “missing link” between my family and the Kirkpatricks of old, I think I may have found George of Knock Kirkpatrick who was one of the “Covenanters” who fled to Ireland in 1690. Our family tradition hints that James “The Immigrant” Kirkpatrick came with his brothers from Ireland and I have found a trace of a trail between him and ol’ George of Knock, but that will need to be confirmed.

Here is a bit about George, taken from Chronicles of the Kirkpatrick Family by Alexander de Lapere Kirkpatrick, written in the 1800s.

George Kirkpatrick of Knock, eldest son of William, last Lord of Kirkmichael, was an officer in King William’s army during the early years of his life. At first sight this fact seems difficult to reconcile with the family affection towards the House of Stuart; but Scottish History tells us of the terrible woes of the Covenanters and the awful persecution that raged throughout Scotland from 1661 to 1688 … no portion of the country suffered more severely than Dumfrieshire and Galloway.

…[George of Knock]  first came to Ireland in 1690, “in the ship that broke the Boom across Derry Harbour,” being then nineteen years of age, an officer, several of his kinsfolk, the Kirkpatricks of Larne, and the Wilsons had settled in this country at the time.

At Mrs. Wilson’s, 32 Elgin Road, Dublin, are two ancient wooden arm chairs that were brought over from Scotland by their Wilson and Kirkpatrick forbears, the two families having intermarried at that date, according to the Wilson family tree. One Miss Kirkpatrick that married a Wilson, is said to have been endowed with second sight. [Dawn’s note: does it run in the family?]

George left the army with the rank of major, and settled down at Knock, where Mr. Campbell Gracie remarks, “he took an active interest in the affairs of his Church at Garrell,” a trait that has re-appeared in several of his descendants. His is buried in the Kirkyard there in the same grave as his father and beside his brother Robert of Glenkila, who was beheaded for his adherence to Prince Charles Edward.

In 1861, the tombstone was in good preservation, and the inscription read –

Here lies the corps of
who departed this life
9th June, 1686.
(Here the Coat of Arms is engraved in high relief)
His eldest son, GEORGE OF KNOCK
who departed this life, 1738,
aged 67 years.

George of Knock had four sons – George, William, Alexander and Robert, and three daughters – Anne, Grizzel and Joane.

The book goes on to describe the son Alexander’s marriage and offspring, but little is said about the other children and what became of them.

The reason I am not 100 percent certain that ol’ George of Knock is our connection is that family tradition, according to, says this: “The tradition of the descendants of James Kirkpatrick … are that this is a Scottish family that moved to North Ireland, in a ‘neck-saving’ operation… It had been believed that in 1746, James migrated to Northern Ireland with his father and five brothers. (New information has been found to show that James and his four brothers migrated from Belfast, Ireland to the colonies in 1736. Originally it was believed that two younger brothers, Andrew and Alexander had left Scotland about this time and came to the colonies, while the remainder of the family migrated to N. Ireland, and thence came to the colonies in the later years. Evidence now shows that the family had moved to N. Ireland in 1725, and thence to the Americas in 1736.)”

However, those dates don’t jibe with George’s and therein lies the mystery. If the persecution in Scotland took place from 1661 to 1688 and George of Knock moved to Belfast in 1690, how is James the Immigrant connected? I feel fairly certain there is a connection there somewhere but will need to do more homework.

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43 Responses to Ancient Kirkpatrick cousin, or, Do I see a trip to Ireland in my future?

  1. Bronwyn Goulding says:

    Hi Dawn-Ann,
    I just happened across your blog, & there are some amazing coincidences between us. My mum was a Kirkpatrick, grandaughter of James Kirkpatrick of Ballynagashel, County Antrim, Ireland. He moved to NSW Australia in the 1880’s. I was born in Sydney, but moved to BC 20 yrs ago, & now live in Lethbridge Alberta! I am 51 yrs old. Earlier this year I took my daughter to nthn Ireland & Scotland to do some family research. Met up with some “new” Kirkpatrick family. I also had a seriously ill sibling this year, who I spent several months with in Australia.
    I only got into genealogy in the past few years. Was really lucky to find a great part of my family tree whilst “googling” “Australian Kirkpatricks”. Fabulous site, which should help you out immensely. Site managed by cousin Wal Kirkpatrick. Would love to hear from you sometime. Cheers, Bronwyn.

  2. “One Miss Kirkpatrick that married a Wilson, is said to have been endowed with second sight. [Dawn’s note: does it run in the family?]”

    YES! It does!

  3. Dawn-Ann says:

    Wow, Bronwyn. Sorry for the delay in replying – I have been letting my blog sit idle for the last little bit. But I’m back in the saddle again. I will email you!

  4. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Dani! So sorry to be late in responding. My life has been in quite a bit of turmoil lately and I have been letting this poor little blog fall by the wayside. But now I’m back in the saddle and checking up on things.

    Do you have the second sight? One of my sisters and I both seem to be “sensitive” and we’re trying to develop that. I’m trying to learn to pay attention when I get the nudges. Anyway, nice to meet you. Are you doing any family research?

  5. Edwina Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi I live I Australia but was born in England. James Kirkpatrick born c 1781 in Ireland came to Liverpool, England about 1820 and started a Kirkpatrick line there. I have a lot of information about that line and am keen to trace the family further. Would you be interested in any of my information? Best wishes, Edwina

  6. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Edwina – nice to meet you! I will check my database and email you directly, if that’s okay. :)

  7. Jeanie McClurkin Shaw says:

    My Parents have put together some research of our line of the Kirkpatrick Family from Northern Ireland. My Great, great Grandparents were Mary Margaret Kirkpatrick McClurkin and James Andrew McClurkin who left Ireland, County Antrim, for America. Mary Margaret was the daughter of Elizabeth and Joesph Kirkpatrick of Loughloughan. James Kirkpatrick of Ballylig was the brother of my great great Grandmother, Mary Margaret. This James died in 1896 at the age of 92. My father believed that our family did in fact move from Scotland to Northern Ireland.. We believe our family was in or around Ballymena Ireland as early at 1720, but have little information.

  8. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Jeanie! You’re the first Irish Kirkpatrick I’ve heard from. Are you in Ireland now? I am going to email you directly so we can see if we can figure out a connection. :)

  9. Margaret McClurkin Held says:

    Hey, Dawn! I’m another Kirkpatrick descendent. Jeanie and I are cousins. Her father and my father were both interested in family genealogy, but most of their research was done pre-internet (in fact all my father’s was). Maybe we can make some progress now that so many sources are on line world wide. I posted years ago on a Kirkpatrick websie and recently someone responded. I’ll go back and look to see what he said about his Kirkpatricks. You might be inbterested. Nice to meet you, cousin.

  10. Dawn-Ann says:

    Nice to meet you, Margaret! I would be really interested to see what you posted on the website. If you find the link can you share? I’m hoping to be able to make some time to do genealogy this weekend so I’ll touch base if I do!

  11. John Mize says:

    Hi Dawn, I am also a descendant of Mary Margaret Kirkpatrick and James Andrew McClurkin who left Ireland in 1848. I would also be interested to see if any of your Kirkpatricks are related to our Kirkpatricks.

  12. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi John! Nice to meet you, too! I will definitely include you in the discussion, as well. :)

  13. John Mize says:

    What do you know of your Kirkpatrick line? I know most of mine going back to 1770.

  14. Thomas Kirkpatrick says:

    Could you send me pics of the monument to Rodger Kirkpatrick please?? Send to Thanks, From the Kirkparick family.

  15. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Thomas. I don’t know which monument you are referring to? I don’t think I have any pictures of a monument to Roger Kirkpatrick. Which Roger? Thanks! :)

  16. Douglas Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi, Dawn-Ann,

    I’ve been looking for a physical copy of Chronicles of the Kirkpatrick Family and can’t find any. The only version seem to be microform at the Library of Congress and my librarian tells me the LOC is very hard and slow to work with.

    I’d appreciate any tips or guidance you could give me.
    Thank you.

    Douglas Kirkpatrick

  17. Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Douglas. Thanks for writing!

    I have a photocopied version that I snagged from the Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society when I was in Scotland. Actually, part of it is photocopied and then I realized this was going to be MUCH too expensive, so I “copied” the rest by taking a photo of each page with my Nikon! :)

    I could possibly scan this to PDF and email it to you, if you like. I’ve marked it up a bit with my scribbles and highlights but it is still legible.

    Where do you hail from, Douglas? Have we chatted before? Your email address looks familiar.


  18. Tom Caulley says:

    We are encouraging any and all males with the surname KIRKPATRICK to do a Y-DNA 37 MARKER or Y-DNA 67 MARKER test. You can purchase these tests at FAMILY TREE DNA at . We are particularly interested in finding a male Kirkpatrick to take a DNA test, who can PROVE descent from the Kirkpatricks of Closeburn, Scotland to help us establish a Kirkpatrick Base-line DNA. This will help ALL Kirkpatricks trying to connect to this core branch of the family (That individual’s test fees may be covered by the group).

    For more info contact Tom at kirkpatrickDNAgroup[at]

  19. Dawn-Ann says:

    Thanks Tom. Coincidentally, my father just sent off his Y-DNA test the other day (though it was not 37 marker). We cannot, however, prove a link to the Closeburn Kirks, unfortunately. That is one of the “missing links” I am trying to find. Once we get dad’s test results back, though, we will probably be joining your group!


  20. Cyndy says:

    My family is from the Mary Kirkpatrick McClurkin branch in Alabama. Is this the same branch noted above on March 2011?

  21. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Cyndy,

    It does seem that it could very well be the same Mary Kirkpatrick McClurkin. I hope some of the previous posters see this and reply!


  22. Marc says:

    Hi Dawn-Ann, In searching my own Kirkpatrick side I came across yours, and seeing this pic of Emma really got to me. As soon as I seen it there was my now passed Mom’s face looking back at me. The funny thing is it’s my mom’s grandmother who was the Kirkpatrick from West Virginia. Then when I seen the wide shot of the picture with Emma husband and 10 children it also brought me back to something my mother told me many many years ago that she always wanted 10 children of her own. Passed life? Sincerely Marc Doviak

  23. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Wow, Marc! That is so uncanny. You know, I do believe in past lives and who knows that your mother wasn’t my great-grandmother at sometime? Thank you so much for telling me about this. Do you mind if I email you privately?


  24. Janice Kirkpatrick Edwards says:

    I am a descendant of Frank Kirkpatrick from Georgetown on PA, who was married to Martha Jane POE. I am going to Ireland OCT 3 and would love to locate some of my Kirkpatrick ancestors.

  25. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Have a good trip, Janice, and good luck with your research. I am hoping to get to Ireland one day, as more and more I believe my ancestors went there first before coming to the U.S.

    I checked my database and don’t see your Frank and Martha in it, but I do know if we go back far enough we are related. Thanks for getting in touch with me.


  26. Rebecca says:


    I am direct lineage to James Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander, who came to America in 1736 and settled in South Carolina in the early 1750’s (c. 1753):

    I am wondering if anyone has found a ship manifesto for the families voyage from Irealnd to America (Deleware?) in 1736. If so, I would be interested in seeing it.

    Thanks in advance,

  27. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Rebecca. I am also descended from James Kirkpatrick! I had a quick look through my digital records and could not find the ship’s manifest, but if I do I will be sure to email you a copy. Thanks for commenting!

  28. Gretchen Marks says:

    Dawn Ann, could I also get a copy of Chronicles of the Kirkpatrick Family?

  29. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Gretchen. My copy is an old photocopy. I’m not sure if a person can still easily find it. Maybe I’ll have to scan it to a PDF file one day!


  30. Jim Jones says:


    Ran across your awesome website today. I thoroughly enjoyed your postings, as well as from others.

    No, Ma’am, was no accident. Like you, I’m researching my Family Tree and all that goes with it. However, I am not a “copy & paste” individual. Hope you enjoyed that, as much as I did typing it. :-)

    I have only one connection to the Kirkpatrick Family – a Margaret Kirkpatrick born abt 1806 in South Carolina, she married my 3rd Great Uncle, Alexander Robinson born abt 1791 also in South Carolina. With their first three children being born in South Carolina, the last three being born in McLemoresville, Carroll County, Tennessee.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to go further back than that – their parents; yes due to those “copier’s & paster’s.” And probably because I have not fully exhausted all possibilities. LOL :-)

    A few weeks ago is the “when” I started conducting serious research on my Robinson-side. As you probably know already, both the Robinson’s & Kirkpatrick’s are huge in South Carolina history between at least 1750-1830 and then started to branch-out to other parts of the growing U. S. – besides being rich in Scotch-Irish history.

    Have you looked into, or know of the British House of Parliament has a historical / genealogical website on all Royalty, I found (and failed to bookmark) several months back when I discovered that my Davidson branch of family tree (which is connected through my Robinson-side as well) was associated to the Campbell’s of Argyll. Oops, mad at me for not bookmarking …
    or here is another I’ve discovered –

    Thanks for listening,
    Jim Jones

  31. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Jim. Thanks so much for touching base with me. I do not see your Robinsons or Kirkpatricks in my family tree, though it looks as though we may be “laterally” related, as I do have lots of Kirkpatricks in South Carolina around that time. If we dug more, we may be able to find the connection!

    I have not done much research into royalty yet, though another of my “branches” (father’s mother’s family) seems to go back to the Pilgrims and before that lots of kings and things. Of course, all that will need to be verified.

    Anyway, good luck on your research! Maybe we will bump into each other again sometime. :)


  32. Lynne says:

    Hi Dawn. As far as can be established I am a descendant of Mary Kirkpatrick born 5 June 1758 Dumfries (daughter of William Kirkpatrick of Conheath 1736-1787). Mary married a Thomas Wilson, however all I have is his name.
    Any details that you may have with regards Thomas Wilson would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Lynne.

  33. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Lynne,

    That is all I have about Thomas Wilson and Mary Kirkpatrick, as well. I got his name from the Chronicles of the Kirkpatricks of Closeburn, probably the same place you got it from. Sorry I cannot be of more help. Good luck with your research!


  34. Lynne says:

    Hi Dawn . . . Thanks for your response. I will keep on looking and think positively that more information will turn up with regards Mary Kirkpatrick and her family.
    Have a good day. Lynne.

  35. Margaret Liddell Mayo says:

    Hi Dawn, I too am looking for information on my Kirkpatrick side of the family. What I know is that my 3rd Great grandfather was John, b Feb 1794 in Belfast, died April 1877 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (U.S.A.) He was originally from Scotland. He married mary Anderson b 1788 also in Belfast and died sometime after 1860 (perhaps 1875) in Philadelphia. They were married Feb 1823. John had 2 brothers Robert & James. He immigrated to the U.S. onboard the Ship Imperial in 1820 from Londonderry to New York. In philadelphia he had a dry goods business. John & Mary had 7 children: Mary Jane, S. Anna, Elizabeth, Margaret, Catherine (Kate) and I believe a son named George b 1839 but I have no death date for him and another daughter named Angeline. I have been to the cemetery where they are buried and have photgraphed as many family headstones as possible, some are difficult to read now. do any of this information sound familiar to you? Thank you.

    Margaret Liddell Mayo

  36. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Margaret, thank you so much for writing! The names sound familiar (we have a lot of Jameses, for instance) and I know our family went to Belfast before they came over to the United States, but the dates are a little off. Everything else is so familiar! I wonder if this is a close cousin or nephew of one of my Kirkpatricks. Do you mind if we move this discussion to email? I would love to pursue this further. I will email you if you are willing. Thanks!


  37. Karen Armstrong says:

    Good morning! I am researching the Kirkpatrick’s came to Canada. I am a 5x great grand daughter of Alexander Kirkpatrick who lived in Wellington County/Grey County in Ontario in the mid to late 1860’s. Aleaxander married Mary Jane Moore (according to some of their children’s birth records) but I can find no information on them — he was to have originated from County Mayo Ireland Mary Jane (she went by Jane) came from Carlow County, Ireland. If there is a connection I am happy to exchange photos, information, etc.

  38. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Karen. I don’t know much about the Ontario Kirkpatricks. I know we’re related somehow but I need to figure out where in Ireland my own family went to first (before they came to America) so I can figure out the tie. Good luck with your research!

  39. Patty says:

    Hi. I have been researching my husband’s Kirkpatrick line for about 16 years, and have never been able to get beyond James Kirkpatrick (b. 1818) and Elizabeth who lived in Bradley Co., TN up to the late 1860’s and moved to Pittsburg, MO. Some sources claim his parents to be Joel Kirkpatrick b. before 1790) and Nancy (b.1801) – and with that I am at a full stop.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  40. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Patty. Thanks for writing. I just got a new computer and haven’t set up my Legacy with its database yet. However, none of these names sound familiar to me, so I think it’s a different branch. When I get all set up again I will have a look and let you know if I find anything. Cheers!

  41. Emily Boland says:

    Hi, Im helping a friend in Ireland research her family and her great-grandmother was Maria Caroline Kirkpatrick, born in 1843 in Donegal, Ireland and was the daughter of an Andrew Kirkpatrick, Farmer. Her mothers name not listed on her birth record. Supposedly they were descendants of Princess Eugenie Kirkpatrick that was married to Napoleon III. Does anyone know of this Kirkpatrick family from Donegal? Or what the connection is? Thank you, Emily at

  42. Robert P Roberts says:

    I am a Kirkpatrick descendent from Hugh (b.1696) and Margaret Watties Neach Dumfries; father of James (b.1725) of Antrim Ireland.

    I plan to travel to Ireland this year. Any suggestions on how I can proceed from this point locating other descendants?

    Robert P Roberts, son of Mary Grace Kirkpatrick, daughter of Edward J, son of Archibald, son of James

  43. Dawn-Ann Dawn-Ann says:

    Hi Robert. I would need more details of your history but at first glance I’d say start from what you know in the location you know about. Check the churches and archives of whatever town you have last record of. Good luck in your search!

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