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Well, the longer I keep this blog running, the more I realize that the majority of the visitors here are looking for solid information on research into the Kirkpatrick family history. I say, good on ya! There is so much misinformation out there and I want to help you (and me) figure out what’s true and what’s not.

To that end, I’m thinking of forming a “community” for us here – a place where we can discuss our research and share our branches of the family tree. You wouldn”t have to be a genealogy buff to participate – do you know your own branch and the place where you live? You do? Then you’re in! Of course, if you can offer tidbits of research that may help us all figure out where we’re from, you would be welcome to share that, too.

I would be interested to hear if there is a call for that kind of thing. Are you interested?

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