This excellent article definitely fits into the Urban Homesteading category. It debates the pros and cons of so-called organic foods and the “local diet” concept, which may actually be leaving a bigger carbon footprint than we believe. Now, this is hard for me to admit, being a bit of a free-spirited, Birkenstock-wearing organics buyer myself, but I also enjoy an interesting debate.

According to Paul Roberts, “a pound of conventional grain-fed beef requires nearly a gallon of fuel and 5,169 gallons of water.” Maybe we’d do more good for the world we live in by cutting back on meat, even if it’s just a meatless meal once a week. All the more reason to grow your own foods, too. Read Spoiled: Organic and Local is SO 2008 here.

And while you’re reading, check out this neat website: Your Backyard Farmer.

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